The judiciary orders the blocking of the Telegram application due to a complaint from Mediaset, Atresmedia, and Movistar Plus

The National Court has ordered the instant messaging app Telegram to be blocked in Spain as a precaution Complaint about Mediaset, Atresmedia and Movistar Plus.

Audio-visual companies have requested suspension of service due to… Audiovisual content is used without a license and is subject to copyright.

For now, Telegram continues to operate, but the blocking ordered by the National Court is expected to take place within the next few hours.

In the decision, the judge gives Three hours notice To dozens of telecom operators such as Telefónica, Vodafone and Orange to cut off service on the web and in the app.

Investigating judge Santiago Pedraz ordered the blocking due to Telegram's inaction due to The company did not respond to a request to identify the account holders That hosts copyrighted content without permission.

The National Court also did not rely on the cooperation of the British Virgin Islands authorities, which in July last year sent a rogatory letter that is still awaiting a response. Without the required information Pedraz says the directive cannot go forward.

The case could reach Europe

This Saturday, the Catalan Pirates announced this You will report the Spanish State to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) After the precautionary ban of Telegram by the National Court, a measure that the formation considered “disproportionate” and an act of “censorship”.

User organizations such as FACUA and professional engineering associations also objected to the decision and considered it an exaggeration to leave Spain's 8.5 million Telegram users offline due to intellectual property conflicts.

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