Derinkuyu, the wonderful underground city of Türkiye – SiViaggia

Derinkuyu, the wonderful underground city of Türkiye – SiViaggia

One of the most amazing places in Turkey is a mysterious underground city that still hides many secrets: it is called DerinkuyuIt is one of the masterpieces of beauty and human genius. It was discovered almost by accident, after being literally hidden from the eyes of archaeologists for centuries, but it soon became so. One of the most visited sites in the country. What are its amazing wonders? Let’s find out now.

Derinkuyu, an amazing underground city

We are in Türkiye, in a wonderful area of CappadociaHere, some underground sites have always aroused the interest of archaeologists and simple tourists, because of the impressive expanse that they reveal under the ground and the complexity of the structures that their ancient inhabitants were able to build with the means of the times. Derinkuyu is one of the most mysterious underground cities full of surprises. A real labyrinth of tunnels and alcoves of different sizes that unfold into 18 levels (in total, they drop to a depth of 85 meters).

Discover it as we expected, It happened by accidentIn 1963, a local resident demolished a basement wall of his house for some renovation work, and found a secret tunnel that led to an intricate underground network of gigantic rooms. For archaeologists, it was a real surprise. What has re-emerged from the bowels of the earth is nothing less than a city of antiquity, the origin of which is still a veil of mystery. It is not known exactly which people could have created such a colossal work, but from studies it becomes clear that this is so The construction of Derinkuyu began as early as the Paleolithic period.

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during VII century BC, the city expanded to make way for a population that was constantly being invaded and persecuted. Over time, it continued to grow until it reached its current form. But there is more: experts believe that Derinkuyu is connected to other underground cities (there are more of them in Cappadocia, more than anywhere else in the world), through Tunnels hundreds of kilometers long. In the past, it could accommodate up to 20,000 people, providing them with shelter for as long as possible, being fully equipped.

How to visit Derinkuyu

The most curious can dive in Derinkuyu depth And visit the underground city – but be warned that only the first 4 levels are open to the public, and it’s best not to suffer from claustrophobia. Easily accessible from Goreme, there are many tours organized to discover the wonders of this underground site. As mentioned earlier, it’s a true engineering masterpiece: an intricate masterpiece Stone wheel system, weighing up to 200 kilograms, made it possible to isolate the city from the rest of the world, protecting its inhabitants. Ventilation was ensured by a series of really ingenious openings, while drinking water was carried underground via a large well.

Among the different levels that make up Derinkuyu can be seen Large rooms used as kitchensAnd bedrooms and storerooms for food storage. There was also a seminary, a church, and an organized cellar for the production of oil and wine. Indeed, due to the often very long stays, the residents worked to find places to keep cattleTo meet the nutritional needs of the entire population. The city, completely carved into the rock, is full of magic and mystery, and it is definitely worth a visit.

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