The hand of the United States to arm it – Libero Quotidiano

The hand of the United States to arm it – Libero Quotidiano

news of resignation Mario Draghi irritates the United States. President of the United States Joe Biden“He has depth Respect and consideration As for Prime Minister Draghi, it is clear that he is closely following the development of events in Rome, we will have to wait and see what happens,” the White House National Security Adviser said. Jake Sullivan During the briefing with reporters on the plane that took the US President to Jeddah. A way of saying that the United States wants to lock up Draghi.

In fact, the government crisis was read with great concern by the major US and international media. The The New York Times talk about “A potential disaster for Europe As it seeks to form a united front against Russian aggression in Ukraine and confront a wave of Covid-19 infections and an energy crisis. Instability means not only for Italy and will open the doors to forces more in solidarity with it put it in“.

In fact, yesterday, July 14, the Senate voted in favor of trust in government but the Five star movement, who is part of the majority, refused to participate in the vote. Then Draghi resigned, but the President of the Republic rejected him Sergio Mattarella. The Head of State invited the Prime Minister to appear before Parliament for contacts so that an assessment of the situation could be made. Draghi is expected to appear in front of the chamber next Wednesday.

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