The green WhatsApp icon hides a “secret”, and this is what happens when you hold it down

The green WhatsApp icon hides a “secret”, and this is what happens when you hold it down

Those who have the popular messaging app see the green WhatsApp icon on their cell phones, but they probably don’t suspect its “secret” function.

It never ceases to amaze us discover many Functions offered by WhatsAppThe social network is among the most used social networks in the world Chat and make video calls. but also the shoppingAttended groups And the exchange, of course Photos, documents and more.

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All Modernization Always reserve Some good news. One of the most anticipated, for example, is who will expand Options in “Status” modes. Also using the app We can do many things in conjunction with other toolssuch as conversion Audios in the text. or “Hide” our position For some very “nosy” contacts.

We remember that too This year’s novelty is access to WhatsApp on Ray-ban Stories . glasses. This is another step towards expanding wearables—and let’s face it—too something very elegant. Although there is no shortage of “controversy” over the letter aggregate.

naturally This popular app is not without its downsides, even if it was not the will of the developers. Unfortunately, a Harmful phenomenon for users. Let’s talk about WhatsApp account theft. For those who want to learn more about how to defend themselves can read on Our last article Which is just about that.

but now Let’s focus on one of the many positive aspects, So in particular Maybe not everyone knows it. That’s what it is.

The green WhatsApp icon hides a “secret”, and this is what happens when you hold it down

When we receive a message or want to use the app, we simply “tap” onA very popular green icon. So we get to WhatsApp Jobs. But many users, although they have used it for a long time, probably do not know ‘Hidden’ optionWhich by the way can really prove it useful.

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In fact, all you have to do is simply Press and hold the icon for a few moments longer. We usually do this when we want to uninstall Application. Instead with WhatsApp – in addition – we can do it Much more.

By holding down the green icon, in fact, Get to a mini listwhere we can Perform some operations faster. For example, access a file Camera or another Contacts our interaction with, or ai Favorite groups. based on usage, Functions may varybut they will always be It can be accessed with this “trick”.

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