The Fiat Tipo is “recruited” in the Carabinieri

The Fiat Tipo is “recruited” in the Carabinieri

Registered with rent – Prepare the Fiat Tipo to Carbinery, in addition to the classic institutional color of the two-tone body (with a blue and white body), a pair of flashing lights on the ceiling, LED lights on the grille and a two-tone siren. The fleet will consist of 1,300 units and will be powered by a 130-horsepower 1.6-liter four-cylinder diesel engine, while supply has been stipulated in a rental format.

service equipment – The Fiat Tipo Through this custom setup, it acquires a series of accessories useful to the personnel of the gun: starting with the communications systems, the cockpit includes a radio ready (the dedicated line of communication between the center and the army) as well as the loudspeaker under the dashboard. On the other hand, the central tunnel was equipped with backlit buttons, while an additional special light was installed on the front pillar for reading maps and documents during night services. Under the seats there are two holders for bivalent weapons, as well as holders for folders, two lamps, a grid for a tablet, two holders for tonfa (a stick like a baton) and two holders for a shovel.

Equipped in Marafiori – Among the accessories Fiat Tipo For the Carabinieri, it also includes a 2 kg fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, front and rear rubber mats with buttons on the front, and removable covers for the rear seats. While the luggage compartment contains a sliding desk top, a limiting roof lamp and a 12-volt power socket. Most of the components for the Fiat Tipo were developed (according to Arma’s orders) and finished at the Mirafiori plant south of Turin.

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