Delos between fantasy and science

Delos between fantasy and science

Fanta and Cienza, in Italy, are the two words that depend on it George Monicelliin 1952, constructed the new terms by which we today refer to the literary genre that Americans call Science Fiction. The first curator of the Mondadori Urania series was inspired precisely by the word American, but there is no doubt that he somehow wanted to present in our language the kind of narrative in which the fictional visions of writers and the science of their time are .

Over the decades, not a few scientists, researchers, and even astronauts have announced that they embarked on a career in their sector precisely because they read science fiction as children.

On the exact words Fanta and Scienza, but this time divided by a dash, that the journalist and the editorial secretary Marco Passarello Consider building an original anthology: Science Fictionreleased in 2019 for Delos Digital. Passarello interviewed some researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology in their specific field of research and then asked several writers to draw inspiration from these interviews to write a story. Given the success of the first anthology, the second is titled science fiction 2again for Delos Digital, with a special guest: the American writer Bruce Sterling.

We have dedicated Delos Science Fiction Special Issue #240 to this anthology, publishing Passarello’s introduction and an interview explaining how the editorial project was born.

In the Services section, you will find an article on 40 years of Martin Meester edited by Vincent GrazianoIn which we explore the relationships between the cartoon character of Sergio Bonelli Editor and science fiction.

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The movie we are covering this month, with a review Arthur Fabrahe is Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthe last film of the so-called Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while for the small screen, again signed by Fabra, we tell you about the TV series reflectsBased on a novel by William Gibsonthe father of Cyberpunk.

For sections, we refer to the most recent anthology by Jack McDevittReleased in the Anglo-Saxon market we bring you 5 religious fantasy novels. Giuseppe VaticanoOn the other hand, his column about movies and TV series tells us about the movie Madara… the horror of London.

In its opening, Carmine Trinny marks the 40th anniversary of a date Blade RunnerRidley Scott’s cult film.

This month’s story about Massimo Biaco.

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