September 30, 2022

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Extreme Emergencies: Science and Reality. On September 21 the conference work begins in Foggia. –

Everything is ready in Foggia for the conference “Extreme Emergencies: Science and Reality”. It starts with a practical demonstration through Naples.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 08.30 in the FORMEDIL meeting room on Via Naples in Foggia, there will be a greeting from the authorities who will start the work of the event “Extreme Emergencies: The Science and Reality”, the first national conference held in Capitanata with the aim of training, through common methods and tools in the management of adverse events, all those professionals who work daily with self-denial in the emergency system.

We would be happy if the press wanted to be present at the beginning of the proceedings on September 21, but in particular we invite our fellow journalists to participate in a huge simulation of the state of extreme emergency after the NBCR attack that will take place on the morning of Thursday, September 22 in space in front of the DEU airstrip of the Riuniti Clinic.

With the participation of several health workers, an attack with chemical agents will be simulated and the planned actions will be carried out: the perimeter of the affected area, alerting the system of a major event / disaster with the intervention of special technical fire brigades, triage, assistance to the wounded, stabilization and evacuation of Noria.

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