The end of the search for survivors in a collapsed Florida building

It is with deep and deep sadness that I announce to you this afternoon that we have made the most difficult decision to move from the recovery and research phase to the collection. [des cadavres]Daniel Levine Kawa said 86 people are still missing.

A round-the-clock search over the past two weeks of a pile of rubble that had been a 12-storey building on the waterfront in the town of Surface found no one but a daytime teenager. Even from the slope.

Former Montreal among the victims

The first Canadian victim identified in the collapse of the Surface building was a former Montreal resident.

Ingrid (Itty) Ainsworth, 66, died in the crash with her husband, Disney Ainsworth, 68.

Their identities were made public by Miami-Date police earlier this week after their bodies were found Monday, 11 days after the building collapsed.

Ms. Ainsworth, Nee Felling, originally from Montreal, and her husband are from Australia, where they lived for almost 20 years before returning to Florida, where most of their families live. Mrs. Ainsworth still extended the family in Montreal.

With information from The Canadian Press

Mexican and Israeli rescuers along with U.S. rescuers took part in rescue efforts to demolish the building. Most of the so-called Sampline Towers South, although the structure of the building appeared in dilapidated areas, still collapsed on a large scale indescribably.

The rest of the building is subject to instability, which is considered dangerousControlled demolition On Sunday evening, it allowed teams to advance on excavated areas that were not yet accessible.

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The site was swept away Tuesday by winds and rain from tropical storm Elsa, which caused a landslide Wednesday off the west coast of Florida.

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