In the United States, coffee is not abandoned: sales in chains rise by 10%

In the United States, coffee is not abandoned: sales in chains rise by 10%

Despite the sharp rise in the cost of living, the cost of coffee seems to be an indelible luxury in the United States.

It will be true that you buy a cup of coffee in United State It’s getting expensive – according to the latest reports, Average price as much as five dollars -; But it also seems to be true that it is a luxury, or a little pampering, which very few choose to give up. Sales of branded coffee shops — like Starbucks, so to speak — increased 10% year-over-year to $45.8 billion, 96% of the value recorded in the pre-pandemic period.


According to Project Café 2023, posted by global coffee portal, There are now 38,411 branded coffee shops in the US, which is 2.8% more than it was before the coronavirus spread into everyone’s lives. In fact, again according to the report, the top players (Starbucks, Dunkin’ and Panera Bread) have a presence in the US market of 15,650, 9,262 and 2,173 stores respectively; Even if the sector is in fact facing an acute shortage of Personal (Let’s hope Lay off whoever he chooses union It might not be a particularly great strategy, right Starbucks?) and the unknown factor of the increase in cost of living Keep worrying.

Finally, it is interesting to note that in terms of habits, the sector continues to develop following the guidelines and strategies that have been adapted for survival pandemic: The report above stated that “pre-order, delivery and drive-thru are doomed to stay,” “consumers maintain a growing desire for convenience.”

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