“The encirclement of Gaza City has been completed.” Blinken sees Netanyahu supporting a humanitarian truce. American drones on a flight to find the hostages

“The encirclement of Gaza City has been completed.”  Blinken sees Netanyahu supporting a humanitarian truce.  American drones on a flight to find the hostages

Hezbollah, thousands take to the streets to hear Nasrallah’s speech

Thousands of Hezbollah followers flock to the squares of the southern suburbs of Beirut, the stronghold of the pro-Iranian armed movement, following the speech of the party’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, scheduled for 3 p.m. local time (2 p.m. in Italy). Manar Hezbollah TV shows pictures of various gatherings that witnessed a large participation of women and children.

Netanyahu shows Blinken a horror video to Hamas from October 7

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu showed US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken parts of the film prepared by the army “about the atrocities and massacre carried out by Hamas on October 7.” This was announced by the Prime Minister’s Office. Blinken’s expanded meeting with the War Cabinet is still ongoing.

Israel: Neutralizing the Hamas tunnel in Beit Hanoun

The Israeli army discovered and neutralized Hamas tunnels in Beit Hanoun in the northeastern Gaza Strip, just six kilometers across the border from the Israeli town of Sderot. The military spokesman announced that soldiers from the Yahalom unit, accompanied by armored vehicles, were able to locate the entrance to the tunnels, fill them with explosives, and neutralize them.

Al-Tijani: We call on Hezbollah to calm down

“I appeal to the higher authorities in Hezbollah to send peace messages in favor of stopping the escalation. Italy is working to stop the escalation in the Middle East, and this is an official appeal I am making so that the authorities do not add fuel to the fire, and so that the conflict is prevented from spreading to neighboring countries, starting with Lebanon. This was stated by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, and he added: “We repeat it: Italy has always been for two peoples and two states.”

Israel, high alert in the north

“In northern Israel we are on high alert. “We are ready to respond to any event that occurs today or in the next few days,” said military spokesman Daniel Hagari, describing what he described as “the increased activity of Hezbollah that struck Kiryat Shmona and Safed in the north of the country yesterday.” Israel is hurting people. He added, “Iran continues its subversive activities and incites its supporters by sending them weapons, as happened in Ukraine, Iraq, and Yemen.” He added, “Iran wants to distract us from our war in Gaza.”

Blinken sees Netanyahu supporting a humanitarian truce

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken are holding a face-to-face meeting. The interview takes place at the Ministry of Defense headquarters in Tel Aviv. This was announced by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office.

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Violent battles are now taking place in Gaza City

Heavy fighting is taking place this morning in Gaza City, near Al-Quds Hospital, where some people were killed. Sources at the site reported this to ANSA. The sources added that the occupation forces bombed high-rise buildings in the vicinity of the hospital located in the Tal al-Hawa neighborhood, south of Gaza City. According to sources, many displaced people who now fear for their lives have taken refuge in the hospital.

Rafah crossing is open: foreigners and the wounded exit

Today, the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt will be opened to allow the exit of foreigners, dual nationals, and wounded Palestinians. Local sources reported that more than 600 people with a high percentage of dual US citizens are expected to leave. Upon entry, and after inspection of the cargo by the Israeli side, approximately 50 trucks of humanitarian aid are expected to enter Gaza.

The killing of Hamas leader Mustafa Daloul

The Israeli army announced the killing of Mustafa Daloul, the battalion commander Sabra Tal Al-Hawa Which, since the beginning of the war, had “a central role in organizing the fighting with the forces in the Strip.” The military spokesman explained, “In recent years, Daloul held several positions in the Hamas Brigades and in the Gaza City Brigade.”

Israel withholds tax funds allocated to Gaza

Israeli security cabinet ministers voted in favor of transferring tax funds collected for the Palestinian Authority to Ramallah, but deducted funds allocated to the Gaza Strip. This was announced by the Prime Minister’s Office. Adding, “Israel cuts off all contacts with Gaza.” The statement explains, according to the Times of Israel, that “there will be no more Palestinian workers from Gaza, and the workers who were in Israel on the day the war broke out will return to Gaza.”

Secretary of State Blinken is in Tel Aviv today to call for a humanitarian truce

During his visit to Israel today, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will insist that the Israeli authorities agree to a humanitarian truce to alleviate the suffering of the residents of the Gaza Strip and allow the hostages to be released. The New York Times, citing White House officials, wrote that Blinken would not discuss a “ceasefire,” but rather a series of short periods without attacks to allow for the release of hostages and the distribution of aid.

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