Unmoved, Felipe Anderson and Marcos Antonio score, Surrey flies high

Unmoved, Felipe Anderson and Marcos Antonio score, Surrey flies high

11:30 p.m

Lazio, Sarri speaks

“The second goal is a beautiful goal, but I was also worried: no one was shooting (laughs, ed.). I’m also happy with Marcos Antonio’s goal, he’s a top-class player.”. This is how Maurizio Sarri commented in the last match on Sky Sports. Here is his full interview.

11:15 p.m

Ownership, always super numbers

There are 192 Premier League goals with all the clubs he has played for and 194 with the biancoceleste shirt considering all competitions (Serie A, Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italiana, Champions, European and Conference League).

11 pm

Non-animated words

A goal from a penalty kick opened the scoring against Spezia, Cyrus fixed came back to score. Commenting on Sky Sports:I missed the recording, this year it was due to injuries. The team made up for my absence, I promised now that I will do my best to reach the goal. We put a lot of things on defense.”. Here are all his words.


90′ + 3′ – The match ends at the peak

The triple final whistle, Lazio defeated Spezia 3-0 with goals from Immobile (penalty), Felipe Anderson and Marcos Antonio.

10:36 p.m

89′ – Great goal by Marcos Antonio

The Brazilian starts from the midfield, jumps with the Spezia defender, dribbles Dragovski and puts the ball into the net. A great goal for the midfielder, the first in the Biancoliste shirt.

10:34 p.m

87′ – It’s up to Cancellieri

Zaccagni who spent a lot, and in Cancellieri came out. No. 11 Lazio is placed in the middle of the attacking right. Soon after, the former Verona player was shown a yellow card for handling the ball with his hands on an opponent’s throw-in.

10:31 p.m

84 ‘- red for Ampadu

Tricky entry by Ampadu on Zaccagni and another yellow card. And so the red card and Spezia arrive in ten minutes in these final minutes.

10:26 p.m

79′ – Sarri has changed hands again

Cataldi is out and booked and Marcos Antonio in. The Brazilian is seeing the field again, with his last appearance on January 29.

10:24 p.m

77′ – Another chance for Lazio

Luis Alberto serves Felipe Anderson who tries to put him in, and Dragowski gets there and corners her. Shortly before, Spezia protests against Provedel’s tackle with his hands on the edge: the ball is always in the area, and Irrati saw well.

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10:18 p.m

72′ – Cataldi booked

Cataldi stomps on Ecdal, Lazio 32 yellow. He was warned that he would miss the next match against Torino.

10:15 p.m

68′ – Immobile game over

Fixed exits and Pedro goes in. The Biancoceleste striker wasn’t too happy, applauding his fans before leaving the pitch.

10:14 p.m

67′ – Milinkovic comes close to scoring

Lazio scored from a corner kick, with Milinković reaching the area and his kick only touching the outside net. Meanwhile ready Pedro on the sidelines.

10:08 p.m

61′ – A triple substitution for Semplici

Spezia is changing: Nikolaou, Bourabia, Gyasi and Semplici are included in Agudelo, Reca and Maldini.

10:06 p.m

59 ‘- Profidell decided

A surprise shot from inside the area EkdalProvedel relaxes and repels well. An excellent opportunity for Spezia, which despite its double disadvantage does not give up.


52′ – double for Lazio

A quick movement from Lazio, then a short drafting into the area with Zakani’s introduction Felipe Anderson: a two-step goal and a beautiful maneuver. 2-0 to biancocelesti.


50′ – Excellent work by Felipe Anderson

Milinkovic serves Felipe Anderson deep, returns and kicks with his left foot: Low shot, Dragowski saves on the floor.


46′ – Start of the second half from Spezia-Lazio

He starts again in the climax with a 1-0 lead over Lazio. Spezia’s first ball.


45′ + 5′ – Lazio are one step away from doubling their lead

Milinkovic kicks from the outside, and Dragovski counters with his hands. On the insider-rejected crossover for Immobile that sends out. Thus ends the first half. Lazio lead 1-0.


45′ + 3′ – Lazio is dangerous

Immobile in front of goal misses Milinkovic’s cross, shortly after Luis Alberto locks his right foot too far into the area. Missed.

9:30 p.m

45′ – Spezia is a striker again

Down collects a vacant ball in the area, tries to turn around: a deflected shot, and Provedel collects the ball. There will be 5 minutes of recovery.


40 ‘- Spezia appears

Green kicks from the edge with his right foot: a weak low shot, Provedel blocks the ground without problems from the central area.

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36′ – scores fortitude from the penalty spot

Displacement Dragowski and the party: Ciro Immobile scored from eleven meters and Lazio took the lead. 1-0 in the peak, the Biancoceleste bomber hadn’t scored since February 19th.


33′ – Lazio penalty kick

Milinkovic headed deep into Felipe Anderson and was knocked down by Ampadu in the area. Penalty for Biancoceleste and yellow for the defender.


30′ – The first yellow card of the match

Jiyasi foul on Marusic: a difficult and late entry It’s the first yellow card. Lazio took action in Spezia after the first few minutes of struggle. balanced match.


23 ‘- Problems for Zakani

Zakani gets hurt after the game clash. Right knee problems, need medical attention. Shortly before, Grisons, the goalkeeper coach, was booked over the protests.


20′ – Dragowski hard clash

Unmoved from a secluded limb-kicking position, Dragowski refuses. The Lazio striker falls and protests but Irrati lets them go on. Ok also from var.


12′ – downward devouring the fore

crossing from the left, headless, from an excellent location, sends sensationally outward. Second big chance for Spezia, Lazio is still watching.


9 ‘- An excellent start for Spezia

Ball possession, high pace, and a lot of aggression. Spezia started the match very well, and Lazio was a bit surprised. Hot weather in peak: sold out About 1,300 spectators away from Lazio.


2 ‘- La Spezia Croce

Action that develops on the right and the ball inside and Bourabieh First kick with a sure shot: the crossbar. The hosts immediately approached the opening goal.

8.45 p.m

1 ‘- Beginning of Spezia-Lazio

Let’s go! Spezia-Lazio is starting to peak. First ball for Lazio with the classic biancoceleste kit. Angel with black and white shirt.

8:30 p.m

Casale problems

The Lazio defender Casale was accused of some problems in the pre-match warm-up. In his place, along with Romagnoli, he will play Patrick.

8:20 p.m

Pre-match fights

The two teams came into contact, in the center of La Spezia. Police intervention was required. Here are all the details.

8:10 p.m

Words from Felipe Anderson

“The coach asked us to show great humility facing today’s game. We have to sacrifice ourselves knowing that there is still a long way to go, there are still many games to go. Today’s game will be key to our journey to continue staying at the top of the standings. We want to win even We do not depend on anyone. We know the environment that awaits us, we must not be afraid but only a lot of respect. It will be necessary to be humble, to sacrifice and to know how to suffer. We will have to do everything we can to bring home the result.”. like Felipe Anderson On Lazio Style channel microphones in the previous game.

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7.55 p.m

The extraordinary numbers of Lazio’s defence

Lazio have conceded five goals in the first half this season; In the first 29 days of the First Division, fewer goals were conceded in the first 45 minutes of a match than just seven times:The last one was by Milan in 1993/1994 (two goals conceded).


The official squads of Spezia Lazio

Spice (4-3-3): Dragowski. Amiens, Ampadu, Nicolau, and Wisniewski; Bourabieh, Agdal, Esposito; Green, Down, Gyasi. available: Zoet, Marchetti, Sala, Reca, Shomurodov, Krollis, Ferrer, Kovalenko, Caldara, Maldini, Agudelo, Cipot. everyone.: Leonardo Semple.

Lazio (4-3-3): proof. Marusik, Patrick; Romagnoli, Hisage; Milinkovic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Thabit, Zakani. available: Maximiano, Adamonis, Casale, Lazzari, Pellegrini, Radu, Gela, Faris, Marcos Antonio, Pesc, Bertini, Pedro, Cancelleri, Romero. everyone.: Maurice Surrey.

7:38 p.m

Issues of Spezia-Lazio

In the last five matches, Spezia has never conceded more than one goal, it’s the best streak. Remaining unbeaten in their last three home matches, it is the effect of minor treatment. Sarri responds with the best defense in the league, conceding only 20 goals in 29 matches.


Lazio, the official formation

Lazio (4-3-3) – Profil Marusic, Casale, Romagnoli, Hysaj; Milinkovic, Cataldi, Luis Alberto; Felipe Anderson, Thabit, Zakani. everyone.


Lazio another stage of the Champions League

Lazio in confidence ready for the music of Spezia. Not an easy match for the Biancocelesti, who are always looking for more points for the Champions League. There is a desire to fly higher after beating Juventus. Kick-off time is 20.45.

La Spezia – Alberto Picco Stadium

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