Microsoft is considering limiting Xbox distribution in Europe, The Verge says

Microsoft is considering limiting Xbox distribution in Europe, The Verge says

As Tom Warren reports on The Verge, Microsoft is reportedly considering limiting Xbox distribution in Europe Focus instead on PC, cloud, and Game Pass: This reckless move comes from a source the journalist believes is reliable.

“In May I received advice to do so. Microsoft is changing its strategy for Xbox Warren wrote for the new fiscal year in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, but noted that he was unable to fully verify the matter.

The Verge’s tipster said the company Xbox consoles will stop being sold in some European markets It will focus solely on Game Pass, cloud gaming, PC, and Xbox consoles.”

Microsoft has had difficulty selling Xbox Series S|X consoles in many countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the source believes this is a result of Less stock will be allocated. “The consul in Europe,” Warren continued.

A tangible possibility?

It’s no secret that Microsoft is suffering from Xbox console saleswhich at the same time had long been on a path to bringing Game Pass to different screens and systems. Ironically, just days after this information came the announcement of an Xbox app for Amazon Fire TV Stick devices.

Sarah Bond

The Verge’s source did not specify which European countries would be affected by Microsoft’s strategy change, but We can imagine that Italy is one of the regions concerned.considering the historical supremacy of the PlayStation brand and the fact that Xbox never really took root here.

According to Tom Warren, the newly announced Xbox Game Pass price increase Aims to attract new users to sign up for an Ultimate subscription.which includes the cloud, even just to intercept the money of people who pay maybe for only a month and then cancel the service.

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