One is Spartacus but none from God of War Ragnarok, by Miller –

One is Spartacus but none from God of War Ragnarok, by Miller –

Other details appear about Three possible ads Coming this week from Sony PlayStationwith Greg Miller remarking that one is almost certain Spartacusi.e. the subscription service that is seen as a response to Xbox Game Pass, while the other two are interesting but inappropriate God of War Ragnarok.

Today’s enthusiastic gamers community has been kept in suspense awaiting potentially very important news from Sony PlayStation, following the well-known journalist Greg Miller is kinda funny I reported three potential announcements coming this week.

In an interview with some of his fellow Kinda Funny, Miller provided some clarification on the possible news coming from Sony PlayStation, and he always remained vague but also points out some important elements.

As seen in the video above, at around 8:40, Miller reiterated that there should be three new Sony PlayStation news this week.

Of those, one should be The Spartacus Show, as Bloomberg reported earlier as well, but the other two shouldn’t revolve around God of War Ragnarok, as some have assumed. According to Miller, this is “interesting” news and one of them appears to be directly related to the journalist in question, on a personal level.

He also ruled out the possibility that they had anything to do with him talentSony recently rebranded, or delayed anticipated games, at least based on what Miller has heard so far. The question is still very vague, but it’s possible that something will come out officially as early as tomorrow, as we’ll see.

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