Microsoft challenges Sony again | Keyboards are sold at bargain prices

Microsoft challenges Sony again |  Keyboards are sold at bargain prices

Christmas is approaching, so what better time than at the end of November to think about gifts for this long-awaited holiday? Many people take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday deals to buy something special for themselves, their family or friends.

Microsoft thought this might be one of the best times to offer its discounts, such as those on the latest generation of its console. Not only is the Xbox sold at stores like MediaWorld, Euronics, Unieuro, and others, but the Redmond house offers significant discounts right on its hardware.

Microsoft is seizing the moment

So it is possible to find the console Discounted in several stores. First of all, on Amazon, at the time of this writing, the Xbox Series S is available for €262.00 instead of €299.99. The saving isn’t really that much, but if you think about saving like this on several gifts, you can avoid spending a big amount in the end.

Outside of Amazon and various stores, however, the Microsoft itself decided to sell its consoles at competitive prices. Particularly interesting discounts can be seen from the Twitter post in which Tom Warren posts the price list of his Redmond home sales.

Xbox at competitive prices

In this post, we can see different Xbox consoles that have been sold at deep discounts, such as:

  • Xbox Series S for $249.00 at various stores
  • Xbox Series S for $199.00 at the Microsoft Instagram Store
  • Xbox Series X for $399.00 at the Microsoft Instagram Store
  • Xbox Series S with Stereo Headset for $249.00
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promotions Limited time And with that on both consoles, if you buy them directly from the Microsoft Store you save $100.00, you can seriously evaluate your purchase in light of the holidays.

It also appears that Microsoft Benefit from the recent increases imposed by Sony On the PlayStation 5, which has seen prices rise more and more in recent months. This could be a smart move to establish its console more and more in the market, continuing the battle between the two giants that has been going on for many years now.

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