Omicron, von der Leyen: “Dominant in the EU in mid-January.” British Health Agency: “It is the worst threat since the beginning of the epidemic”

inside “mid January” the varante Omicron Sarah “dominant” in a Europe. The President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen He explained before the plenary session of the European Parliament the scenario that looms on the horizon of the Old Continent in the coming weeks. Feeling the wave we’ve been seeing in recent weeks with the “increase” of positive cases SARS-CoV-2, From sick people Covid-19, from hospitalization to the hospital and to dead In Europe they are “exclusively” because delta variable. While the discovered trunk looms on the horizon South AfricaIt is “more contagious” and causes a number of conditions that “Twice every 2 or 3 days”. A “worrying” factor identified by the head of the commission.

President von der Leyen’s warning is clear and unambiguous. For this reason, the Commission is following up on the situation “with a combination of Worried and confidence.” On the one hand, she identified herself “sad” Like “many of you, due to the fact that birthday The epidemic will overwhelm him again “but” on the other hand I have faith, because we have duty Which Means To overcome pandemic In the long run.” First, he warned that he would have to face one “Double Challenge”: Cases of the Covid-19 virus have increased dramatically in Europe. There are some member states that have infection rates higher than ever.”

He added that the old continent is witnessing “an increase in the number of people infected with the disease and an increasing burden on hospitals, and unfortunately an increase in the number of deaths.” It is important to be conscious From the fact that this significant increase in the number of infections is almost exclusively due to the delta variant, my concern is that we are now seeing a new variant, Omicron, on the horizon, which appears to be more contagious.”

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Among the main databases for estimating the impact of the South African variable in the coming months United kingdom, among the European countries with the highest prevalence and at the same time the largest data from sequence. a London Omicron is already responsible for Almost 50% of cases The same will soon happen in other counties in the UK. The numbers recorded so far in England have risen Jenny Harris, the UK’s premier health safety agency (Oxa), to define the variable as “likely to be The most important threat to Public Health since the beginning of the epidemic.

Speaking before a British Parliamentary Committee, Harris added that i Incoming data In the next few days they will be ‘Worrying’ compared to those of the other variables. According to the expert, a situation can arise “Very disturbing” to seal public health service, which is under pressure due to Covid and a series of organizational problems From an earlier date.

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