The Chanclettes Discomobile, at the Alcarràs – La Manyana Carnival concert

The Chanclettes Discomobile, at the Alcarràs – La Manyana Carnival concert

Chanclettes Discomobile will be present on the night of Saturday, February 17 at the Alcarràs Multi Purpose Pavilion (free admission) as part of the events scheduled for the Carnival.

The Chanclettes' Discomóbil band – which will also perform with Mega Pubilla – mixes with touches of humor the best hits and age-old themes, with a wild show of dancing and crazy fun, which will refresh you in just a few hours. The musical, television and cinematic memory of our lives.

1994-2024. Thirty years since establishment. What balance do they create?

We're alive, but we need a lift already, and our pears are falling to the floor. And some transplants too, which we still have to go to Turkey for. But the important thing is that we are still alive, which is something that many cannot count.

I think they heard the adjectives in everything about their shows. What things can you remember that surprised them the most or made you burst out laughing?

The time we went to perform in Tudela was very noisy. A programmer who had seen us perform at the Valladolid Festival came to see us, and while we were setting everything up, she asked us, “¿And cuando llegan las actrices, las Bailarinas?” She was astonished when we told her that the actresses she was talking about were us!

What should young Karas expect on Carnival night?

We prepare all the young people who come because deconstruction has arrived and it is called The Chanclettes.

What type of presentation will you make?

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“Terra baixa” by Àngel Guimerà, it will not be. On Carnival Night, we can only provide provocation, laughter, justification and entertainment… It will be a multidisciplinary show, we will have a good time, it will be episodic, it has everything, so you can't miss it.

Complete the sentence: “You should attend the performance of The Chanclettes in Alcarràs on Carnival night because…”

…Because we are more barracks. Come on, we're going to have a lot of fun, and there's also going to be Mega Pubilla, 140 kilos of fat on stage… That's a fucking pig. What makes the Karas tremble! Now we will see whether the foundation of the Alcarràs multi-purpose pavilion will hold up. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

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