The Catalan eyewear brand has a turnover of 17 million and is present in 72 countries

The Catalan eyewear brand has a turnover of 17 million and is present in 72 countries

the glasses It is one of the supplements the most important In the lives of many people. It also becomes the first thing a person sees when they meet you. For this Joseph Dosta He decided to start building his own brand of eyewear, Woodieswhich not only seeks to become the staple of many people's lives but also… They want to be the most sustainable. Thanks to its commitment to wooden glasses and other recyclable materials, Vic has already been able to be present in around 72 countries around the world and closes 2023 with a turnover of 17 million euros: “Glasses are the first thing you see a person's voice when you talk to them. You can't see shoes Or trousers or a handbag. The first thing you see is the face,” explains the founder.

Of floating optics a Paul Nord To a luxury store in Dubai, Woodys has carved out a place in visual circles around the world thanks to its commitment to sustainability and original designs. Dosta, founder and CEO of Woodys, has the ambition of turning the vigatana brand into a “global” company, “to become one of the best eyewear brands in the world.” They have just opened up the market in places like Azerbaijan or GuatemalaBut we expect a strong entry New markets Like those in South America.

In total, Woddys Eyewear is present in 15,000 points of sale 72 countries in the world. Their strongest market is the European market, but they also sell a lot to Australia or Canada, explains Josep Dosta. Also in other places like Africa, their glasses are highly prized, “because they really like the colour.” The company explains that it tries to adapt as much as possible to all markets. “Every market has its own conditions, for example, in Asia, because of the shape of the nose, they need a different type of bridge that suits them better,” he explains. This year they also started making their way to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai or Qatar.

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Woodys CEO and founder, Josep Dosta, at the company's showroom in Vic/ACN

Very female audience

Although the brand sells very heterogeneously, it has a much larger presence in women's fashion than in men's. Their main audience is basically them 70% giftswho are in the age groupBetween the ages of 28 and 50. However, Dosta points out that their men's collection is “selling better” every day. “We see how men dare to wear different things every day. It also goes a lot depending on the country. In Italy or France a man wears glasses More fun design. On the other hand, in Spain we tend to be more basic. He points out that it depends on each market.

Bet on Vic, not Barcelona

Put Company A Vienna International Centre -Place of birth of its founder- or doing so a Barcelona It was a conscious decision. As the founder explains, he knew that in a certain way in Barcelona he could achieve things faster than in Vic and at the same time there were more opportunities. “I thought that in Barcelona it would be easier to find profiles like designers or marketing people, and also because when people from all over the world come to Barcelona It's more practical“, he points out. But the quality of life he lives in Vic, he says: “I could not live it in Barcelona.” In addition, the fact that the world's largest companies have companies in small towns, such as the Inditex group in Artexo (Galicia), She encouraged him to make this decision. “I really realized that it is better to have a company in a small city than not to have it in Barcelona, ​​because of the issue of costs, but also because of aspects like worker loyalty.” And in the end, “It takes an hour from Barcelona.” Here,” he says.

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