The car in the reserve: then you risk leaving on foot | The tank does not work as well as you think

The car in the reserve: then you risk leaving on foot |  The tank does not work as well as you think

How much fuel is left when the reserve starts? Here’s a tip so you don’t get stuck.

When you get the car into the hold, it’s easy to think you still have a little time before you need gas, but it’s best not to overdo it. Knowing how far you can actually travel before the car comes to a stop can make all the difference.

When the petrol gauge reaches the reserve, we have some time before we leave on foot – ANSA –

workflow fuel level float In the car has become more refined over the years. It is not difficult today to have cars that accurately indicate how many kilometers are left before the car is completely blocked due to running out of fuel, but to understand the same It’s not quite as simple if you drive an older model. An important aid is the dreaded red part of the analog gauge in the car: the part that indicates the car has gone into reserve.

This is a necessary indicator to allow the driver to understand that a vehicle is approaching fuel expiry time. In this situation, the driver is in the grip of two instincts, to continue traveling knowing he still has petrol, or to stop at the first available gas station. While the second option is what the automotive engineers expected, it could be It was analyzed in a somewhat cooler way and mathematics.

It is possible to find out how much fuel our car can contain at most and how much the car can consume Calculate the reserve amount. To perform this calculation, it is necessary to start from the assumption that the result can change according to the models and that nothing is absolute. Basically a reserve It corresponds to about 10% – 15% of the maximum from the tank.

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How far can the car go in reserve

With the car in custody, the situation is not as dramatic as one might think. average car It can still travel between 50 and 80 km When the float touches the red line. More than enough time to look for a distributor to refuel. Although these are the average numbers that should always remain Check your car manual Because some high consumption models can burn much faster.

When the machine is in reserve, the best thing is to go to the nearest dealer – ANSA –

Notice how Driving with the car in reserve is not optimal for performance from the car. Using a vehicle to consume gasoline at a level that is too low may result in not only cycling, but also fuel cycling sediment potential This may damage internal components.

The best thing to do when the car is slowing down is to always go to the nearest gas station and put the gas back into the tank. This is to reduce the chances of running into any mechanical problems. In particular they are damaged The parts of the vehicle most in contact with the fuel flow, For example the filters, petrol pump and injectors as well as the engine.

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