The bus driver who was injured in Esplugues had been warned shortly before that he was not feeling well

Driver discomfort It could be behind the bus accident on Monday afternoon in Esplugues de Llobregat, which left 14 people injured, one seriously, when it fell at a construction site through a hole about 5 meters deep.

As Edo Megalon, a trade union representative in Rozanbos, explained, he informed the car driver of this He was sick Minutes before the accident.

This was done through the SAE device that keeps the vehicles in contact with the control center. According to Megalon, the call was cut off immediately after he was informed of this To stop the vehicle He told him that an ambulance had been sent.

As a result, and according to the same union representative, the control center tried to contact the vehicle driver, who was not giving signals, even though the GPS device indicated that the bus had stopped, so the matter Emergency protocol has been activated 112 were notified.

According to Megalon, everything indicates that the bus had boarded the sidewalk and fallen inside the work after some kind of dizziness or loss of consciousness occurred to the driver of the car, who had just started his work shift at the time of the accident and at this moment it is Conscious and away from danger.

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