Aragones begins the 12-M race, pointing to Illa as the only competitor

Aragones begins the 12-M race, pointing to Illa as the only competitor

The first meeting of the ERC. There are still days before the election campaign officially begins, but it has actually been going on since Wednesday itself, when Peter Aragones He announced that the election date would be brought forward. Today, Esquerra has tried to strengthen his positions while most parties have not yet nominated their candidates, and while the Peace and Security Council has turned its conference into a lever to try to push Salvador Ella To the Presidency of the Republic. In the hall of the Vèrtex building on the North Campus of the UPC, there was euphoria and nervous excitement after it was confirmed that the ERC is gambling everything on this election. The evidence is that the party was quick to launch the electoral machine and mobilize its members to confront what is coming. The Aragones have already chosen one contender for 12-M: Illa. Therefore, it aims to polarize the campaign and turn the appointment with the ballot boxes into a choice between two unique possibilities: “We will decide whether the leader of the country is the president of Catalonia or a delegate from Moncloa. The delegate of Moncloa will not stand before him.” Pedro Sanchez In order to transfer Rodalia,” Aragones said, stressing the political subordination of the PSC.

The implicit message is that Esquerra does not consider Junt an opponent and assumes that they will overcome him again in the pro-independence bloc, as happened three years ago. Veiled references to Junts were rare. The most important is to point out the “key plays” that they consider useless to achieve the country’s independence, and little else that could point to a potential Gwent candidate, Carles Puigdemont. He rose to the level of criticism from the House of Commons – with whom they also dispute part of the votes – and which Aragonés again accused of being irresponsible for overturning the more expansive budget. He accused them of taking a short-term view to try to distinguish themselves from the party they actually agree with everywhere: the PSC.

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The ERC aims to make the rejection of the accounts a social shock, because all the resources they say will be lost, and a symbol of its position during the legislature in defense of social policies and public sector workers. At the same time, Esquerra demands the results of negotiations with the PSOE to reverse the effects of the repression against independence: starting with an amnesty, continuing the suppression of sedition, and ending with the passage of an amnesty law in the Spanish Congress. The congresswoman was responsible for this matter above all else Teresa Jordan. They also accompanied Aragonés with interventions on stage, Oriol Junqueras, Marta Villalta, Laura Villagra And – with recorded videos – Robin Wagensburg I Marta RoviraWhile government advisors and members of the party leadership sat in the front rows. They all come together with the goal of strengthening the discursive framework of race that they want to be two-way: Aragon vs. Ella, or Ella vs. Aragon.

The slogan with which the ERC is pushing the pre-campaign accelerator is “Win ​​Catalonia”. A slogan that shows the party, on the one hand, as a potential winner of the elections and, on the other hand, indicates Esquerra's intention to position himself as a mirror for the majority of the population, including those non-independents who prioritize the Axis. From the social democratic left. “We must want to be like our community and want to seduce it so that it feels called to be like us,” Junqueras said. The ERC is trying to establish itself as the only party that has prioritized the interests of the country over those of the party, as they believe was demonstrated after the budget negotiation. In this sense, Aragonés also wanted to position the elections as a second binary choice between “the irresponsibility of those who, in the face of problems, look the other way” and those who claim to have worked for Catalonia “relentlessly” in cooperation with everyone. sectors. “We are the government of free nursery schools, of Rodalia transport, of public energy, that represents Catalonia in the world, that of Catalonia in the audio-visual field… the best government in Catalonia since Macia and its partners,” he declared.

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Once again, the Council of European Reform positions public policies as the other essential facet of progress toward a republic, with the idea that once amnesty is achieved, the time will come to demand the negotiation of a referendum on Pedro Sánchez. Thus, at the end of the act, with the effects of internal shaking due to the sudden change in horizon with the expected, the cries of “independence” of like-minded people intermingled with the same cries they were in. “President, President,” he had greeted Aragones when the audience entered.

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