Could really be the year of the Scudetto

Could really be the year of the Scudetto

Spalletti’s team jumps to the top of the standings without Kvaratskhelia and with records: now the Azzurri are great even with the little ones

10 consecutive victories, 8 points on the second place in the standings, without defeats and the best attack in the league with 34 goals, 5 different penalty shootouts and goals scored with substituted players in the first five European leagues (9) . numbers Naples From Luciano Spalletti It’s impressive and alone would be enough to point to the blues as a natural favorite for racing Scudettobut after Maradona vs Empoli match There are clear indications that this season could really be a good fit for Napoli.

For the second time in a row, Napoli played without him Kvaratskhelia And they come back with the three points and those wins over Empoli (which last year put an end to the Italian dreams of the Azzurri with a sensational comeback) are perhaps even more important because so far they are the only others on the pitch on the path of almost pure braking. The Blues arrived against another junior player, Lecce, in a match very similar to yesterday’s match as the Blues were struggling to break through.

Then came the rigor (“Regorino” as some defined it), but Spalletti after the race Make sure the target will come anyway Because this team now has only certain points and has shown once again that it has high-quality resources on the bench: “This becomes the solution to everything – explained the coach – this rotation becomes key. Adding the qualities of 22 players makes more than adding the qualities of 11 players. I don’t know how to tell you anymore.”

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So the teams that want the three points win‘, the technician repeated and it echoed back to him as well raspaduri: “The mentality we are working on has given us a helping hand. Winning gives you enthusiasm and the desire to work. We reset everything after every game, and restart every time and that pays off.” Napoli, who are playing very well and also fascinated by Europe, have changed their mentality and now they are great even with the little ones, come to the stopping point in the lead and fly away towards the Scudetto.

Sure, long the world stopped He is a great unknown, but Spalletti is not afraid of it because Napoli will send quite a few players to Qatar (maybe 5), the others will have time to separate them a little and the coach will have a lot to work with a semi-complete squad and in a certain sense to repeat the preparation at the beginning of the year that led to the start of The swift enemy of the Azure. “The road is long and there are many pitfalls‘, but this could also be another sign…

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