Thanks, you let me out

Thanks, you let me out

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Antonella Fiordelesi discovers her mother’s plea launched from her Instagram profile (1.2 million followers) and was very upset: “Mom, let me out, thank you.”

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Antonella cornflower Incredibly, she was eliminated from television broadcasts after her mother’s Instagram appeal (she used her daughter’s profile with 1.2 million followers) and an open letter to Pier Silvio Berlusconi. Alfonso Signorini allows her to read her mother’s plea and thus find out the reason for her exclusion. This also reveals that the dramas he has been going through in recent days may have been a strategic result because when he learned of his mother’s attraction, Antonella Fiordelesi reacted very cynically: “It was all counterproductive, I had better just sit back and shut up.” Then for the mother: “Thank you mom, you let me out.”

The reaction of Antonella Fiordelesi

Then Alfonso Signorini showed her the manners of her mother Which somehow affected the vote, because his actions were covered by all the newspapers: “Your mother called on all your admirers not to save you, and now I will let you read what I wrote.” Antonella reads the letter:

“When I saw my daughter, after yesterday’s episode, asking the fans to leave (apparently they told her that if she left the game of her own volition, she would have to pay a huge fine), it prompted me, as a mother, to implore her fans not to bail her out on TV Monday.” Yes! Thanks mom, you let me out.

Formerly of Famous Island

Antonella Fiordelesi was very upset, because she understood perfectly well how things turned out: But if he did it from my profile, it would naturally end up like this. Acknowledge curtly. Then the former narrates:

Mind you, when I was 18, she once told me not to take an exam at Isola dei Famosi because she was sick, she had anxiety. He shouldn’t have done that thing because it’s my business, I’m the one who can resist. And I am sick, so she was not doing well, although she had good reasons.

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