Tesla stops production for two weeks in Germany due to transportation problems in the Red Sea

The impact of the war in Gaza on maritime trade has already begun to affect European industry: Products arrive later and are more expensive.

Tesla's factory in Germany, which Elon Musk opened with impressive tools in 2022, announced that Production stops for two weeks Because some parts do not arrive.

The closure will be between January 29 and February 11. The factory is located in Gruenheide, in the federal state of Brandenburg, and employs 11,500 workers and produces 250 thousand electric cars annually.

The partial cessation of production is evidence that the Red Sea crisis has struck the largest economy in Europe, and is the crisis it sparked Attacks on cargo ships by Houthi militiasWhich is supported by Iran.

“Significantly longer transportation times are creating a gap in supply chains,” the American electric car maker said in a statement.

Tesla, in particular, purchases battery components from China, and the fastest sea route to transport them is the Suez Canal.

Tesla's other open front: the struggle with unions in Sweden

This disruption increases pressure on Tesla, while the factory in Germany is also affected by the conflict it opened with unions in Sweden. Which is that the workers of one of its suppliers, Hydro Extractions, They stopped sending him components on November 24th.

In fact, the union revolt in the Nordic countries against Elon Musk is increasing at times, but Tesla did not respond to questions about the extent to which this strike affected its production.

Tesla store in Berlin (Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch)

In the electric car sector, analysts in Europe have warned in recent months that sales are not growing as quickly as expected, and some companies have reduced prices in an attempt to boost demand burdened by economic uncertainty.

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Conflict in the Red Sea: Delivery delays for many companies

Analysts expect other car companies to suffer from the consequences of the conflict in the Red Sea, as it is a sector that suffers from it It depends a lot on the components you buy from China.

In reality, jellyChina's second-largest automaker by sales warned of delivery delays. As well as the Swedish furniture company IKEA.

10 days and a million dollars to bypass the Suez Canal

The Houthi attacks forced the world's major shipping companies to do so Avoid the Suez CanalIt is the fastest sea route from Asia to Europe, and represents about 12% of global maritime traffic.

Shipping giants love Maersk I Lloyd's table They were sending their ships on longer and more expensive voyages around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

The additional route adds about 10 days to the journey from Asia to Northern Europe and An additional million dollars in fuel.

Monuments on the port of Barcelona

How does this change in trade routes affect the port of Barcelona? Port of Barcelona's head of strategy, Jordi Torrents, explained this to TV3's “Els Matins” this week.

The United States and the United Kingdom are bombing Yemen

Far from a solution, the conflict escalates. The declared threat has become real, as the US and UK bombed Yemen on Thursday morning.

They say that the targeted attack A Weakening the military capacity of the Houthi militias loyal to Iran. They say they are doing so to defend freedom of navigation and end the threat to global trade caused by Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

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The Houthis justify these attacks as a response to the Israeli invasion of Gaza. The Americans and British explained the attack in Yemen in a joint statement signed by 8 other countries, including… Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

to'Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaIt, which is waging its own war against the Houthis, calls for restraint at the risk of further destabilization in the region.

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