Jordi Turul is recovering from a heart attack after undergoing successful surgery

Jordi Turul is recovering from a heart attack after undergoing successful surgery

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Secretary General L together, Jordi Turolwas accepted intoBellvitge Hospital After suffering a heart attack. According to Europe Press, he is currently in the intensive care unit after successfully undergoing a catheterization procedure. The party said, in a statement, that Turul's condition is stable and has begun to recover. He also appreciates all the signs of support he has received.

The politician was in a meeting with A Sant Feliu de Llobregat When he feels unwell. In recent months, Turull, 57, has been one of the central figures in negotiations between Güntz and the government. PSOE for the inauguration of the Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez. He has been Secretary General of Junts since June 2022.

After he was an advisor to the Presidency of the Republic and a government spokesman to the executive branch Carles Puigdemont He was imprisoned for his participation in 1-O. In June 2021, the Spanish government pardoned him.

Samples support

The Junts Party Secretary-General has received some signs of support from his party colleagues and in Parliament. Head of the General Government, Peter AragonesI sent him a message of support. “Our thoughts are with Jordi Turol, and we wish him a speedy recovery. A very strong hug also to his family, all our support in these difficult times.”

And so did the president Carles Puigdemont“All the love, support and best wishes for a full recovery. It is very appreciative of the large number of people, good people, who are sending their best wishes to our Secretary-General.”

Jessica Albayach, the president of En Comú Podemos, also sent him a speedy recovery. “Congratulations and a speedy recovery, as well as lots of strength to his family and fellow Junts in these complicated times,” he said. Carmen Forcadell He also sent him a message of support in which he said: “We still have to make our way together.” Alejandro FernandezThe head of the Catalan People's Party also sent him a message of support.

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