Ten years of writing at ARA

Ten years of writing at ARA

A few weeks ago, it was ten years since Carles Capdevila offered me to write a weekly column for ARA. Carles, a great and professional person who is unfortunately no longer with us, told me that the space was free, and that I could cover whatever topic I wanted. He told me: “We are betting on pluralism, and we know that in many economic and political aspects, you think differently from the editorial line of Rotary, but this is exactly what we want. Other voices, other points of view.”

Later, Esther Vera, Ignasi Aragay and Tony Guell continued to trust me and kept this hand extended to freedom of opinion and pluralism. ARA has never withheld any word, opinion or topic from me. You gave me absolute freedom. That is why I can say that ARA is a free, pluralistic and professional newspaper.

Retaining a columnist for ten years is also a sign of loyalty, commitment and even magnanimity, because after nearly 500 columns, it is easy to lose track or grace, repeat yourself or think that this person will no longer be able to contribute much new. . , and you may be tempted to replace the columnist. They continued to trust me.

The different editors with whom we polished the text every week or who helped me catch errors that might creep in were all, without exception, unparalleled in their professionalism and closeness.

For my part, I have always tried to provide value to the reader. Provide a different perspective, expand your point of view, or simply explain or clarify economic concepts. To some extentMy columns dealt with 80% economic issues, 10% politics, and 10% social issues, life, emotions and feelings. Especially in the summer, to rest from daily economic matters and think about personal matters.

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I never tried to please (or hate!) the reader. I know I have Haters And (I think!) Lovers. But that’s part of it. Share comes from general. The public has an opinion and is free, and writing is exposing yourself. However, exposure to ARA is a luxury. Where I feel is mine and where they still want their own column Correpins and boticlastsThey will be here with me. Five hundred times thanks. To ARA and readers. Let’s continue the bingo game.

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