Supermercats Pujol closed the 2023 balance sheet with $197 million in turnover

Supermercats Pujol closed the 2023 balance sheet with 7 million in turnover

SUPSA Supermercats Pujol, owner of the fresh produce supermarket chain Plusfresc, ended the 2023 fiscal year with sales of 197 million euros, slightly higher than the previous year, namely by 6.2%. General Manager Francisco Gonzalez explained that Plusfresc “maintains its commitment to distinguishing itself as the supermarket specialized in fresh and local products,” which represents 37.2% of the total turnover.

In addition, “our bet is embodied not only in the diverse range of products we offer, but also in the way we work with this product. With this in mind, we have been working with local suppliers for more than 30 years, in addition to training store employees in the butchery department And fish through Fresh School.” In 2023, Plusfresc went ahead with its strategic plan 2022-2024 by opening a store, which it will close this year with five new openings, thus completing the planned investment of €15 million to open new establishments. With these openings, Plusfresc will end the year with a total of 90 establishments. “The plan we have in place right now is focused on digitalization, innovation, omnichannel and what we call 3S: sustainability, sound business and food safety,” Gonzalez explained. On the other hand, one of the novelties this year was the opening of the first gas station with a supermarket, located in Lida.

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