Telemarketing, bot calls violate privacy: in the US a maximum fine of 45 million

there Federal Communications Commission (FCC) American proposed a Fine 45 million dollars Against a company he led campaign from marketing St robocall It seems illegal. was the purpose Selling health insurance On the pretext of reopening the annual registration period due to pandemic Corona Virus.

The company in question is Interstate Brokers of America, and according to the Federal Communications Commission, it has implemented it 514,467 Rule-breaking automatic calls On the aggregate Because he didn’t get approved Express subscribers and have no emergency purposes. This is the highest fine the commission has ever proposed for a violation Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Neither the charges nor the penalties proposed by the FCC are final. The alleged infringing company will be given the opportunity to respond and the panel will consider the defense’s presentation of legal evidence and arguments before any new action or decision is taken.

Online Consumer Tracking

An FCC Enforcement Office investigation found that Interstate brokers carried out 514,196 automated calls to mobile phones and 271 to landlines in apparent violation of Tcpto. The bureau examined a sample of 10,000 calls, confirmed with the automated calling platform provider that the calls were pre-recorded messages, and spoke to several recipients who confirmed they did not agree to be contacted. The proposed penalty is based on verified calls.

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Interstate Brokers is a leading digital marketing company headquartered in Lauderdale, Florida run by Gregory Robbins and also serves as National Health Agents, a nationwide network of health insurance companies. Interstate Brokers has purchased phone number listings from third party suppliers; It has also gained numbers of consumers searching for health insurance quotes onlinewithout explicitly disclosing that by providing contact information consumers will be subject to the robocall.

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From robocall to unauthorized marketing

The company left pre-recorded voice messages to market its customers’ insurance plans. Speech recognition software determines when the consumer has answered the call. If the consumer answers by pressing a number on their phone or by waiting, the system will automatically divert the call to a call center operated by Interstate Brokers. Consumers were then presented with insurance products sold by one of the many insurance companies that had hired Interstate Brokers.

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