US top official Donald Trump feared a war would break out

These are the two elements that emerge Danger, A book by journalist Bob Woodward and a political reporter Washington Post Robert Costa makes General Mark Millie an important protagonist.

Then Fear And RageBob Woodward, one of only two journalists to shed light on the Watergate scandal, concludes a trilogy by focusing on the transition period between Trump and President Biden.

The 512-page book, which has been copied by the American media, is due out next week.

According to reports released on Tuesday, The Washington Post And this New York TimesU.S. intelligence says Beijing fears Donald Trump’s military offensive ahead of November 4 election aimed at creating an international crisis. He pretended to settle it in his last attempt to overthrow his democratic opponent, Joe Biden, who was ahead of him in the elections.

Fearing that it would lead to an armed conflict between the two countries, General Mark Mille, on October 30, four, for the purposes of the United States, for the first time, sought to reassure Chinese President General Li Sucheng. A few days before the presidential election.

Gen. Lee, I want to assure you that the US government is stable and that everything will be fine. We are not going to take or take action against you.

A quote:According to General Mark Millie, book Danger

General Millie is said to have promised to warn his Chinese counterparts if strikes take place to prevent Beijing from being surprised.

The second call, which lasted an hour and a half, was made two days later, on January 8thCapital attack With supporters of the failed Republican president, Beijing is concerned about the instability of the US government.

Things may seem unstable. But that is the nature of democracy, General Li. We are 100% stable. Everything is fine. But democracy can be confusing at times, Mark Millie told General Lee. According to the book, Beijing feared that Donald Trump would take advantage of the situation to stay in office.

Protect from nuclear preference

At the same time, the head of the U.S. Armed Forces is committed to controlling the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

He would have summoned senior military officials to the Pentagon to reconsider procedures for the use of nuclear weapons codes, recalling that the US president himself should issue orders for the use of nuclear weapons, but he insisted that the process be carried out. . He is said to have asked everyone who worked under him to make sure he understood correctly.

He is said to have sought to persuade House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to use the military force of the outgoing president or to carry out a nuclear attack. At the beginning of his telephone conversation with General Millie: his desire to know a precautionary measure to prevent Unstable President To perform such acts.

Who knows what he can do? He is crazy. You know he’s crazy. He was crazy for a long timeAccording to the transcript of the invitation received by the authors of the book, the Democratic leader would have said. Madam Chairman of the Council, I agree with you, General Millie would have responded. The system includes several measurements Control, He would have promised.

General Millie It was certain that Trump would suffer a significant depression after the election, when Trump was in a frenzy, shouting at officials and creating his own parallel reality around endless electoral conspiracies., Especially write two authors.

According to the summary New York Times, Other Donald Trump collaborators, including Secretary of Defense Mark Esper And the Attorney General See Bill, Shared the hope that action would be taken to prevent the start of an international conflict or the breach of democracy.

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Both resigned before the end of Donald Trump’s term.

CIA Director Gina Haspel seems particularly concerned about Donald Trump’s interest in a possible attack on Iran. This is a very dangerous situation. Are we going to run for his ego? He asked General Millie after a meeting in November.

Camp Trump demands General Millie’s head

In an interview with the News Max Network, which supports him wholeheartedly, the former US president attacked General Millie and, in other forums, as quickly as some of his allies.

If that is true – if hard to believe – he would have called China and done these things and was prepared to warn them of an attack or a pre-emptive strike, which is treason.

A quote:Donald Trump, at Newmax

I never thought of attacking China, Sean Spicer, the first White House spokesman under his administration, supported Donald Trump on his microphone. He thus describesVery disrespectful The journalists who wrote the book.

Echoing the words of the 45th President of the United States, Sean Hannity, one of the star editors of Fox News, began, although the information in the book is true, General Millie Traitor To the nation and it should be At the same time The case continued Treachery.

Speaking of A. RebellionRepublican Representative Andy Pix has appointed U.S. Army Chief of Staff A.J. Court Martial If he is really contacting his Chinese colleague.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has called on the US president to step down At the same time General Millie from office. In a letter to Joe Biden, he lamented Dangerous paradigm.

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Camp Trump finds unexpected ally in lieutenant colonel Alexander Windman Donald testified against Trump During the first indictment procedure.

If this is true, the [général] Millie has to resign. He usurped civilian power, broke the command chain and violated the sacred principle of civilian control over the military., He wrote on Twitter.

Another bad portrait

According to published sources, Danger Consistent with two previous books by Bob Woodward depicting the devastating portrait of a former Republican president. This book, among other things, depicts a man being angry at the power to avoid himself.

According to CNN, the book goes into detail about Donald Trump’s defeat, putting pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to refuse to verify the election results. He describes the very tense encounter between him and his former number two that he has no authority to reject the results of the Electoral College.

No no no! You don’t understand, Mike. You can do it. I do not want to be your friend anymore if you do not.

A quote:Donald Trump, according to the book Danger

The authors also report that Mike Pence had previously returned to one of his predecessors, Dan Quell, on January 6 to see if there was any way to avoid certification of the results. Mr. Quail realized that he had no choice but to legally.

The book describes Donald Trump ‘s efforts to persuade his supporters to end the attack on Capitol Hill as soon as possible.

The authors claim to have interviewed more than 200 people for their book, asking that they not be identified as sources.

Several books criticizing the former president have been published in recent years His former national security adviser was John Bolton.

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