Italy vs Serbia 14-15, 2023 Water Polo World Cup Live Streaming: Setbilo eliminated on penalties

Italy vs Serbia 14-15, 2023 Water Polo World Cup Live Streaming: Setbilo eliminated on penalties

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10.50 4 goals by Rasović, man of the match. Italy has 3 goals via Di Fulvio, 2 Cinnamon, 2 Bruni, 2 Di Somma, 1 Preciotti, 1 Villotto.

10.49 The match was very balanced, and neither team achieved a double advantage. Sanctions were the right end.

10.48 After the 2019 gold and 2021 silver, Setibelo was knocked out in the semifinals as it had last done in 2017.

10.47 Italy’s Olympic pass is fading at the moment. We will have to try again at Euro 2024 or, as a last chance, at the 2024 World Cup.

10.46 For the 2022 World Championship final, the penalties once again make Italy cry.

Rasovic goal. Setbilo was eliminated on penalties.

Mitrović saves Damonte.

Jacic’s goal.

Goal by Preciotti with a rebound shot.

Vucinic’s goal. 2-2 after 3 penalties.

De Fulvio touches Mitrovic.

Del Luongo also saves on Radulovic. stays up.

De Soma makes a mistake and saves Mitrović. Central penalty kick.

Drasovic goal.


10.42 now five penalties each. Whoever scores the most will go to the semi-finals.

10.40 Mitrović unfortunately specializes in saving penalties, and Setbilo will have to overcome himself.

That’s it, we go to penalties.

2, Del Longo’s Parade. Italy’s timeout is up, but the penalties are now one step away.

19 Setbilo does not fire.

48″ Radulović finds Opović in the middle, swerves and equalises. Italy and Serbia 11-11.

1’10” Cinnamon Bloody Cross.

1’38 “An iron defense by Citibello, who regains possession.

2’03” Di Fulvio was fouled, he fired, but it was 5 meters out.

2’31 by LONGOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! What a save for Radulovic, great! Worth a goal!

Clear superiority of Serbia.

3’06” GOOOOOOOL!!! Di Fulvio does not betray, a blow on the surface of the water that pierces Mitrovic. Italy-Serbia 11-10.

3’20” Bruni has the upper hand. Timeout called by Campagna.

3’47 “Di Fulvio deflects Jacic’s shot wide. Now it’s a game of chess.

4’13” expected by Fulvio.

4’24” Mitrović deflects a Cinnamon shot into a corner.

4’44 “A foul in the attack, also for Serbia.

4’59” Foul in attack for Italy.

5’18” Rasović again, it’s still him. Del Luongo’s tackle was late and the ball went into the net. Italy – Serbia 10-10.

5’39 “Bad time for Echenique. First he trivially loses possession, then commits a naive dismissal. Time’s up for Serbia.

6’09” Del Lungo’s save on Vucinic is very important.

Dolce’s final eviction.

6’40” What a blast from Di Fulvio! Italy’s numerical superiority, however, does not wait for Blue, immediately concludes and kills Mitrović. Italy – Serbia 10-9.

7’00 “Citibilo did well in defense.

7’26” Italy does not score on the edge. Bruni receives in the middle, but Mitrovic gets the edge himself.

Cinnamon wins the last race. Now 8 minutes to decide the semi-finals.

6/10 for Italy with the extra man, 6/9 for Serbia. At the moment, our nightmare is Rasovic, the author of the hat-trick.

It’s been a well-balanced match so far with neither team reaching +2.

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The third period ends. Italy – Serbia 9-9. The last eight minutes will decide everything.

2″ cinnamon churros.

10, Vucinic evens out the score. Serbia with the extra man is doing us a lot of damage. Italy – Serbia 9-9.

25, Faulty dismissal from Fondelli. Serbia’s time is up.

36″ Di Somma kicks off from a good position, but the shot is rejected on the outside.

53 errors on Ubovich’s offense. Now we need a target…

1’11” Pass intercepted in the middle of Echenique.

1’39 “Rasovic shoots from distance, saves Del Luongo. Good defense here.

2’09 “Full breaks away! Shooting at the edge of the post in numerical superiority. Italy 9-8 Serbia. But now in defense you have to bunker in front of goal.

2’34 “Nothing to do, Serbia’s immediate equalizer in supremacy with the tenacious Rasović. Italy vs Serbia 8-8.

3’14” Italy is still doing well with the extra man, Bruni is putting us back in front. Italy – Serbia 8-7.

3’54 “Vucinic is left on his own, but saves Del Lungo.

4’19 “Foul by Brunei.

4’38 “Martinovic punishes us from the corner. More could have been done here in defense. Italy-Serbia 7-7. Q&A.

5’04 “A wonderful numerical superiority exploited by Setbilo. Excellent rotation of the ball, Velotto collects and scores points from the corner. Italy – Serbia 7-6.

5’27 ”immediate equalization by Jaksic, who immediately took advantage of the expulsion of Dolce (second). Italy – Serbia 6-6.

5’43 “That’s the point of numerical superiority! With the help of Echenique’s kiss, Presciutti collects a distance of two meters and can’t miss. Italy-Serbia 6-5.

6’11” Del Luongo deflects Radulovic’s bomb off the crossbar.

6’50” We’re not there, Setbilo didn’t even shoot with the extra guy.

7’10” Martial has the upper hand.

7’31” Post from distance by Rasovic.

The third period has begun. Vucinic wins the sprint against Cannella.

2 goals for De Somma, Cinnamon and Rasovic. De Fulvio is still dry.

2/5 in superlatives for Italy, 3/6 for Serbia.

10.02 The second half is also over. The first half between Italy and Serbia 5-5. It’s a very balanced game, and it could end up in a penalty shootout.

8 ″ Another mistake in Di Fulvio’s attack.

30 Parade from Del Longo! Hypnotized Rasovich!

30 penalty kicks also against Serbia.

43 ″ Di Somma does not miss from 5 meters away. Italy – Serbia 5-5.

43 penalties were awarded to Di Fulvio.

1’00 “Another tenacious Rasovic brings Serbia forward. Italy-Serbia 4-5.

Second expulsion of Villoto.

Bruni 1’30 “accurately received well in the middle, but his shot hit the crossbar.

Drasovic kicked out.

1’54 “This time Rasović pierces Del Luongo with a drop shot. Italy – Serbia 4-4.

2’11 “Di Fulvio loses the ball, then gets sent off.

2’29” Di Fulvio shot from distance, Mitrović deflected into a corner.

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2’56 “Iron defense! Setbilo doesn’t let Serbia through despite their double numerical inferiority!

3’11” Fondelli was also ejected.

Package Dolce measures 3’24”.

3’43” Chasing Di Somma in the postal cross! Italy – Serbia 4-3.

3’58″ Vocinek ejected.

4’15 “Now Settebello scores on defense, but on offense they need to sprint.

4’34” Del Luongo deflects Vucinic’s shot into a corner kick.

4’58” Vondelé crosses in the breakaway. The referees go to review a previous action to the VAR.

5’19” Di Fulvio intercepts the ball on defense.

Bad attack 5’49” in the advantage for Citibello, Preciotti’s shot deflected.

6’05” Rasović is ejected.

6’32” Lube Drasovic doesn’t surprise Del Luongo.

7’01 “Fault in Di Fulvio’s attack. We suffer from Balkan physicality.

7’15 ”Excellent defense by Setbilo, Vucinic’s shot is denied.

7’38” velotto kicked out.

Razović wins the second enemy and taunts Di Fulvio.

1/2 in superiority for both teams, Serbia also scored a penalty kick.

It’s a very tough game, but we’ve got Serbia against us… We’ll need the best version of Citybelo to find out.

The first half ends. Italy – Serbia 3-3.

1″ Del Luongo saves Jacic.

18 flashy attacking foul by Bruni.

35 ″ Drasovic displaces Del Luongo from 5 meters. Italy – Serbia 3-3.

35 Cinnamon penalty on Jaksic.

51 Palombella Priciotti hits the top of the crossbar.

1’20 ”An important save from Del Luongo to Drasovic.

1’49” CINNAMONAAAAAAAAA! A great dove leaves Mitrovic’s stone! SETTEBELLO pass! Italy-Serbia 3-2.

2’08 “Super Brown! Our center buoy receives in the middle with great force. He turns around and stabs Mitrovic! Italy – Serbia 2-2.

2’28” is now good for Settebello on defense.

2.54″ Cinnamon opens Setbilo. A stone passes between the arms and over the goalkeeper’s head. Italy and Serbia 1-2.

3’10” Radulovic is ejected.

3’23” Lazic receives in the middle and scores with a flying deflection. Italy – Serbia 0-2. It’s tough, we knew it.

3’33” Preciotti ejection.

4’09 ”Mitrovic rejects Di Soma’s shot from a narrow angle.

4’25” Serbia throws away the advantage without firing a shot. Then there is Jaksic’s expulsion.

4’35” Damonte kicked out.

4’56” Di Fulvio crosses, but Italy are not playing as a team in this start.

5’10 goal from Serbia. Deadly restart, Jacic punishes Longo. Italy – Serbia 0-1.

5’26” Settebello can’t even shoot in the action.

5’53” Del Lungo is ready to shoot Jacic.

6’12” High shot by Echenique after jumping onto the water.

6’38” Rasović shot from distance, saved by Prichotti.

7’02 ”Razović regains possession for Serbia.

7’19” also fouled by Opović on offense.

7’33 “Fault in Brunei’s attack. Immediately stifling pressure from Serbia.

Di Fulvio wins his first sprint. possession of Italy.

Italy and Serbia started!

9.28 white cap for Setibelo, blue for Serbia.

9.27 In 2013, Italy and Serbia gave life to a fantastic World Championship final. Blues prevailed.

9.25 And now the Serbian anthem.

9.24 Mammalian Anthem!

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9.22 The Azzurri are in the water today: Del Longo (goalkeeper), Di Fulvio, Damonte, Marziale, Fondelli, Cinnamon, Villoto, Echinik, Priciotti, Bruni, De Soma, Dolce and Nicosia (goalkeeper).

9.19 Serbia finished ninth at the latest European Championships. Coach Stefanovic is trying to rebuild a new winning group after the glories of the recent past. Let’s hope he still needs some time.

9.18 certainly for Italy, with the exception of favorite Spain, is the worst quarter-final that can happen.

9.16 The star of the team is the hero Jaksić, while Mandic asked not to be called up to the national team this summer.

9.14 Serbia lost in the preliminary round 16-14 with Spain, won on penalties with Montenegro and then walked with South Africa 30-5. In the round of 16, the Balkans eliminated host Japan 16-10.

9.11 It will not be Serbia who won gold in Tokyo 2020, in 2022 (but also in 2023) it has collected many explosions, it has many starters. But it’s still Serbia. And as such, it’s scary. It’s a bit like Brazil in soccer.

9.08 Hello OA Sport friends and welcome to the live broadcast of Italy vs Serbia, a match valid for the 2023 Water Polo World Cup quarter-finals.

The complete program of the challengeSettebello Council

Hello and welcome to the live text of the match between Italy and Serbia, valid for the quarter-finals of the Men’s Water Polo World Cup 2023: to Marine Messi Fukuoka Hall b Setibelo’s current opponent would be Balkan selection. Whoever wins today qualifies for the semi-finals they will play against The winner is from Greece and Montenegro.

today is Sandro Campagna’s squad consists of thirteen out of the fifteen players called up: 1 Marco Del Luongo (captain), 2 Francesco Di Volvio, 3 Luca Damonte, 4 Luca Marziale, 5 Andrea Fondelli, 6 Giacomo Canella, 7 Alessandro Villotto, 8 Gonzalo Echnik, 9 Nicholas Priciotti, 10 Lorenzo Bruni, 11 Eduardo Vinso Demar. in amphitheater Vincenzo Renzotto Iudici and Francesco Condmi.

in the first stageItaly won Group Bpassing directly to the quarter-finals, while Serbia, after finishing second behind Spain in Group Dhit the Japan in the round of 16 to 16-10. It should also be remembered that the Finalists From the championship will break the first Two passes to win the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Water Polo, World Cup 2023: Results 23 July. In the quarter-finals Serbia and Montenegro, France and the United States

OA Sport brings you the live transcript of the match between Italy and Serbia, valid for the quarter-finals of the Men’s Water Polo World Cup 2023: Today, Tuesday 25 July, the match will start at 09.30 Italian time, while the live broadcast will start around 09.10. Have fun with our live text in real time!

Photo: Giorgio Scala/DBM/Federnuoto

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