Synchronization. The science of the irrational or the relationship between physics and psychology. Dialogue between Sergio Martella and Amelia Cielo

Synchronization.  The science of the irrational or the relationship between physics and psychology.  Dialogue between Sergio Martella and Amelia Cielo
On September 25 at 6:30 pm at the Liberrima library in Lecce on Corte dei Cicala 1, near Piazza S. Oronzo, A dialogue on physics and psychology That is, the relationship between the physical environment and the psychological and physical development of a person. The seminar is moderated by Sergio Martella And Amelia CieloPsychotherapists. It fits into the framework of explaining the visible, what surrounds us and appears, how the universe is made, and what laws of nature translate into mathematics, physics, philosophy, and psychology. From Greco-Roman civilization Democritus And Lucretius Access to modernity and contemporaneity Galileo And EinsteinMan tried to give answers to questions about his existence. So does the mathematician Piergiorgio Odifredithe body Carlo Rovelli And an astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani.

Researchers Martella and Cielo will begin the dialogue with two articles by Teodorani: Entanglement – Entanglement in the Quantum Realm: From Particles to Consciousness and Synchronization. The relationship between physics and psychology. From Pauli and Jung to Chopra. With these Sergio Martella presents the symposium: “The topic proposed in the dialogical form of the interview is inspired by the texts of the Italian astrophysicist Massimo Teodorani to explain the profound implications of The relationship between quantum physics and psychoanalysis In the study of the invisible and irrational, that is, the real universe. The highly suggestive and highly topical theme examines the convergence of human subjectivity (the relationship between emotions and the body) with developments in relativity and quantum science (the relationship between energy and matter). A continuous logical thread unfolding from philosophical intuition Giordano BrunoEven for Holistic theoriesTo reach the scientific gains of quantum science and the psychoanalytic subconscious, reaching the thresholds of spirituality and magic. The theory of simultaneity unites hitherto irreconcilable universes in connection with revolutionary implications; It overturns the intuitive logic of the relationship between causes, effects, and consequences in determining the facts of everyday life. The project also includes the use of videos and other visual tools.”

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As explorers of the “irrational” or unconscious, they reveal and define the relationship between the visible and the invisible, between physical and psychological natural laws. They analyze the identity between the environmental form and the psychological form, Correspondence between nature and man, between matter and energy. We will understand that they are two sides of the same substance. Someone talked about the stuff dreams are made of. We will discover that the Moon is a filial star and in relation to Mother Earth directs sea flows and human cycles equally. That the sun, sky, sea, and our planet are also elements of the psychic universe as elementary forms and coordinates of time and space. We will understand, in the words of Sergio Martella, that facts are effects of emotions. That truth, chaos or fate is perceived and constructed by man. With the deepest desires of his soul, to give meaning to his life.

An article and press communication by Michela Maffei, a psychologist

Sergio Martella, psychiatrist and psychotherapist with an analytical orientation, specialist in psycho-oncology and hypnosis, and former professor of clinical psychology at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of Padua; Author of scientific publications, social culture and analytical publishing articles. Amelia Cielo, Psy.D., Psychotherapist, in Gestalt Training; He runs the workshop “Vivao Art Therapy for Psychology and Artistic Wellbeing”. Founder of many artistic and cultural events.


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