Sweden – Italy U-21 – 1-1: An own goal by Baresi and Rovilla equalized with a penalty kick

Sweden – Italy U-21 – 1-1: An own goal by Baresi and Rovilla equalized with a penalty kick

With this success, Nicolato’s team had won the qualification, after returning from the away match with the certainty of qualifying. The equalizer comes in the return after the ninth goal was handed over to Zurini Rovilla, who scored a penalty kick.

By our correspondent Alex Frosio

Twelve shots on target, more than half of them were crazy occasions. But he only scores with a penalty kick. So Italy takes a draw from Helsingborg which means at least the play-offs. He hoped for immediate rehabilitation, and tried with all his might. Again, the sheer volume of play doesn’t turn into goals. Now it is enough not to lose to Ireland, in Ascoli next Tuesday, to take the pass for the European Championship. On the other hand, Sweden is eliminated: with a draw there is nothing.


As one would expect on the eve of the match, Nicolato made up the Italian team with a 3-5-2 score, with Occoli, Lovato and Pirola as the defensive trio, Buff as the right midfielder with Ricci and Rovilla, Campiaghi alongside Pellegri in attack. The new system, compared to the usual 4-3-3 system (the 4-2-3-1 was only exited in Luxembourg), causes a “delay” in understanding distances well. The start is complicated, even from the blow to the face that Lovato instantly receives from Sarr and from the sparks between Pellegri and Vagic when the match stops. The Azores don’t get into the game very well. And in the ninth minute, Sweden takes the lead: from the corner, they touched the yellow shirts in the area three times in a row, even Gustafsson’s cross shot that Paris shot behind Blizzari, a substitute for the injured Karniski. Sweden is trying to take advantage of the blue difficulties. Gustafsson tries to fly right from the outside, high, at 16 minutes, while on Lovato 20, who destroys his right-footed sear, he has to go out. His place is Viti: He made his U-21 debut for the Empoli defender, who takes center left, with Pirola going into the middle of the trio. Slowly Italy enters the race. Cambiaghi is the most sparkling, often shifting to the left where it combines well with Parisi. We maneuver a lot outside, little in the area and shoot. But at 36′ there’s an equal chance: Ruffella’s corner, Pirola’s head, and Brolin diving flash. Pirola himself, in the 38th minute, is too weak for Haji to escape, Blizzari forces him to expand, and then manages to block Jansson’s shot. Campiaghi preserves the Azzurri: at 39 escapes and runs away, Brolin somehow defends himself. In the 42nd minute, the Swedish goalkeeper misjudged the referee with Pellegri’s header from Cambiasso’s cross and saved him from the crossbar.

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failed to return

The interval is good for Italy, which returns to the field more decisively. He equalized in the 13th minute. Cambiaghi serves in the Parisi race who pretends and Holm jumps, who touches him. Belgian referee Verbumin first thinks about the simulation, then realizes that a mistake has been made. Then Rovilla goes to the place and makes no mistake. At game time, Glaucoma protests: Ousou has already warned about Pellegri’s interruption, and Verboomen pardons him. Nicolato feared the sporting status of the Swedes, but Italy has more. Much more. Running, wanting to win, intensity. And from half an hour onwards, the Azure built an incredible number of opportunities. At 33′ Cambiaghi from right kicks Brolin’s body. At 36′ Esposito, having entered Pellegri’s place, he turns to the area, but Brolin extends spectacularly. Once again: At 41′ Cambiaghi Ousou snatches and kicks, Brolin rejects, Gaetano (entered for Bove) ends poorly. At 42′ it’s up to Cambiaso: back right and left handed, off the net. Immediately after that, Holm was fired: direct red for reaction to Ruffella who stopped him. Italy is trying again and again. In the 46 minutes of Ricci’s opening for a Parisian who flies on that band: Brolin shuts the mirror again. At 48′ Esposito drinks Ousou, and guess what, Brolin’s usual brags. Last Chance at 4 minutes of recovery: Esposito is fast-moving in the midsection. Proline block. What a nightmare, this doorman.

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