Ferrari – Red Bull, duel on the pole –

Ferrari – Red Bull, duel on the pole –
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Ferrari chases pole with Leclec and Sainz. Norris is fastest in FP3 before Leclerc. direct from 8

9.18 am The final minutes of Q3 will resume soon, Alonso is fine but sad because he was doing a great lap. The Melbourne Alps have brought some updates to the box which have worked so well.

9.14 Running too fast, Alonso was betrayed by a mechanical problem: “I’ve lost gears,” he said on the radio.

9.13 Leclerc takes the lead, rewinding a tenth faster than Perez. Alonso on the wall at Turn 11, red flag.

9.11 Red Bulls fly: Verstappen laps at 1’18’399, excellent time but the Dutchman made a small mistake. And Perez stood before him a thousand.

9.08 am Ferrari right on the track, Leclerc requested a very dark helmet model because at the Australian sunset the sun’s rays are very strong.

9.06 Perez would not have slowed enough under the yellow flags at Turn 11. It could be a crucial link in this qualifying round. Q3 starts.

9.03 am Q2 ended like this: with Perez ahead of Sainz and Leclerc, then Verstappen, Alonso, Norris, Russell, Hamilton, Ricciardo and Ocon. Within a few minutes, the search for the top ten pole mogul begins.

8.59 am Sainz scored the second half. Q2 ends: except for Schumacher, Zhou, Tsunoda, Bottas and Gasly.

8.57 AM Sainz tries another lap but fails to improve. Leclerc is second, 266ths behind Perez.

8.55 am Five minutes to the end of Q1 (Here are the full times). Russell continues to go faster than Hamilton at Mercedes, and that’s also big news in this flagship Formula One season.

8.51 am Red Bull on this track seems to have more than Ferrari, but it’s a challenge of tenths. Perez improves Verstappen’s time and takes the lead. While Hamilton is incredibly searching for a place in the top ten

8.48 am Best time for Verstappen, ahead of Alonso and Perez. Leclerc is fourth at the moment.

8.46 am Starting in the second quarter, the top ten will remain on track to compete for the top spot in the next session.

8.42 am Let’s summarize Q1; Stroll, Latifi, Vettel, Magnussen and Albon canceled. to Full times here.

8.40 am Remember that F1 has wiped out one of the Drs’ areas (where you can use the moveable wing), before there were four now there are three in Melbourne.

8.38 am Latifi is the same driver who reached the block in the last race of 2021 in Abu Dhabi He brought in the safety car that changed world championship history allowing Verstappen to win on the last lap against Hamilton.

8.20 am Williams Latifi is destroyed, and the incident with Stroll will be investigated by the commissioners. Red flag for debris removal and track cleaning. 2 minutes left in Q1

8.16 am Aston Martins fail to participate in the playoffs. A freezing shower for Vettel, who was returning from Covid after missing the first two races. It will start from the bottom. Latife turns again and goes to the wall, misunderstanding with Stroll.

8.14 Five minutes to the end of Q1: Red Bulls set the pace. Verstappen leads ahead of Perez, then Ferraris with Leclerc and Sainz.

8.10 First fastest lap for Verstappen, the world champion takes second place behind Leclerc. The gap between the two is only 44 thousandths.

8.09 am Leclerc responds to Sainz and is back in the lead at 1’18’ 881, three-tenths better than the Spaniard.

8.07 am Sainz improves Leclerc’s time by a tenth. Perez also runs faster than Charles. Latifi turns again, who was in Jeddah blew the safety car into rotation.

8.04 Leclerc starts well right away, his first lap is at 1’19” 391. Ferrari is quick even if it has tax problems.

8.02 Cars on track, an Aston Martin mechanic is still busy in the garage fixing the crashed Lance Stroll in the last free practice. Like his companion Sebastian Vettel.

8.00 am Temperature 23 ° C, overcast sky in Melbourne. Go to qualifying: In the first two races of the year, one pole each for Ferrari and Red Bull. In Bahrain with Leclerc, in Jeddah with Perez.

7.54 am The first qualifying session will start soon in the first quarter and will exclude 5 slower drivers. There is also a lot of uncertainty in the rear as Mick Schumacher is called up for a good qualifier After the horrific accident in Jeddah.

7.50 am On the eve of qualifying, the Ferrari team manager spoke, Mattia Binotto. “I am happy that both drivers are doing well, Carlos Sainz is riding very well. And it is important that he continues to do so because he is also a reference for Charles Leclerc.” The Spaniard has always been behind his teammate at the start of the season, If the trend continues, he may become Cavallino’s second leader. He has a plan to prevent this from happening.

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7.45 am Everyone was surprised by Norris’ performance in his last free practice sessions, Fp3s, the McLaren is a very fast car but is riddled with reliability issues. If he solves it, he can enter the duel at the top, could he be the surprise of the Australian Grand Prix?

Everything is ready toAlbert Park in Melbourne To qualify for the Australian Grand Prix starting at 8. The city circuit is back on the calendar after three years of absence (the 2020 and 2021 editions canceled due to Covid): Compared to the last time the race was held, it’s a lot faster thanks to tracking changes with four regions DRS to use the movable wing. There is great anticipation for The third challenge between Ferrari and Red Bull: Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen shared one win each (in Bahrain and Jeddah), with Sainz and Perez as the second attacker. at the moment.

In the third and final session of free practice (this morning at Italian dawn) Lando Norris With McLaren he was fastest at 1’19” 117, ahead of Charles Leclerc at Ferrari and Sergio Perez at Red Bull. Fourth Alonso with the Alps and fifth Carlos Sainz with Ferrari second. Verstappen is only seventh, but it was conditioned by the red flags raised by the accidents of Aston Martin, Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel.

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