Liverpool – Real Madrid 2-5, Ancelotti dictates the law at Anfield: who is obsessed with Klopp?

Liverpool – Real Madrid 2-5, Ancelotti dictates the law at Anfield: who is obsessed with Klopp?

Liverpool (United Kingdom) – Nine months after the final in Parco de Principe, which saw the Spaniards beat the English thanks to Courtois saves and Vinicius’ goal, Real Madrid and Liverpool meet again in the Champions LeagueThis time in a double match valid for the round of 16. The “mistake” of the Reds (and Napoli), who qualified second in their group. Ancelotti Meringue still appearswho, after hitting rock bottom, returned to the stars, beating Anfield 5-2.

Incredible First Half: Masterpieces and Ducks

Ready, go, and here comes the magic. Liverpool makes its first move in the fourth minute with a cinematic goal: Salah plays the role of Uruguay’s assistant Darwin Nunez Those Avengers, whose innovative heel taunts direct scorer Militao and Courtois, promptly gave the Reds the lead. Klopp’s team double comes soon after, with Salah, who doubled this time in the 14th minute for the English on a loud duck by Courtois, the champion of the final in Paris, who gave the ball to the Egyptian on Carvajal’s back pass. is though Viniciusbete noire for Liverpool, to sign Ancelotti’s team back in the 21st minute with a great left foot roll and in the 36th minute simply in the right place at the right time, on a sensational foul Allisonwhich imitates his fellow meringue, and gives the same to the Spaniards.

Second half nd: Real gear change and quarter-final bet

In the second half, more emotions at the start: Modric’s free kick finds Militao’s single header, which crowns the net in splendid isolation, and turns the score around. From then on, the “massacre” began, with Real Madrid winning the Ballon d’Or at Anfield Benzemawho even scored two goals, severely directed qualification to the quarter-finals.

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