Sweden and Finland in NATO. Biden announces more US forces in Europe, as well as in Italy – the world

Sweden and Finland in NATO.  Biden announces more US forces in Europe, as well as in Italy – the world

“Leaders today will also take Historic decision to invite Finland and Sweden To become members of NATO, on the basis of the agreement reached yesterday between Finland, Sweden and Turkey: it is a positive agreement for Finland, Sweden, Turkey and for all of us.” This was stated by NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg upon his arrival at a summit organized in the suburbs of Madrid.

Stoltenberg added that the summit that begins today will be a “historic and transformative” summit.

Russia poses a “direct threat” to NATO’s security. This was confirmed by the Secretary-General of the Alliance. “We will clearly state that Russia is a direct threat to our security,” Stoltenberg said during the NATO summit in Madrid.

The The United States will strengthen its military presence in Europe, including additional air defense capabilities in Germany and Italy. This is what US President Joe Biden said at the opening of the NATO Summit in Madrid. “Today we send a message that NATO is strong and united,” Biden said.

Vladimir Putin wantedFinland modelThe US president added regarding Finland and Sweden joining NATO “to Europe and instead getting the ‘NATO model’.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking via video link at the NATO Summit in Madrid, asked the alliance countries “Modern artillery and financial supportAgainst Moscow.

Russia and China reaction Western arms supplies could threaten security not only in Ukraine but beyond its borders. This was stated by a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, citing TASS.
The “further enlargement of NATO,” with the entry of Sweden and Finland, is a “destabilizing” move, “that will not bring more security to the members of the alliance themselves.” This was stated by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, citing the Interfax agency.

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China is attacking the G7, accusing it of having “again used the summit statement to promote the narrative of ‘democracy versus authoritarianism’ and to seriously interfere” in its internal affairs, attacking and discrediting China and inciting conflicting sentiments. All this, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian noted, “The G7 has no intention of conducting dialogue and cooperation on the basis of equality and respect, but instead adheres to the Cold War mentality and ideological bias and engages in policies related to the interests of small circles. “.

NATO “continued to enter the Asia-Pacific region: some member states sent aircraft and warships into the waters around China for military exercises, which created tensions.” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian complained that NATO continues to “support collective confrontation and the international community must maintain a high degree of vigilance,” commenting on remarks by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, according to which the strategic document was approved in Madrid. The NATO summit will explicitly point out the multiple challenges posed by China.

Erdogan pulls the glass – NATO summit in Madrid opens under better auspices. Mediation by coalition Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg at the last minute has already yielded good results, with Turkey withdrawing its veto over entry to Sweden and Finland, after weeks of stalemate. The three countries signed a memorandum of understanding on Turkish requests and can really satisfy Ankara: “We have what we asked for, full cooperation” against the PKK Kurds and their allies, the Turkish presidency said. “With Stockholm and Helsinki joining the alliance, we will all be safer,” said Stoltenberg. Not only. US President Joe Biden has arrived in the Spanish capital with a beautiful gift for Euro-Atlantic security: a “long-term” enhancement of US military involvement in the Old World, particularly in the “Baltic States and the Balkans” and in general “on the eastern flank of the Alliance”. This is the most sensitive front in the new Cold War. However, it seems to be already hot enough. Exact announcements will come during the summit, but it is clear that an important mass of those 260 thousand most effective at the disposal of the senior leadership will be the Stars and Stripes. A bitter morsel to be swallowed by Moscow (and partly by Beijing too). Unity is the key word these days. He was in the European Council, was in the G7 and will be at the Madrid Summit, which has already been defined as “historic” by many leaders, including Biden, because it is taking place in times of war in Europe and because it will mark the depth of NATO’s transformation, not Only in terms of men and means scattered in the field.

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Other sanctions against China The US administration of Joe Biden has added five Chinese companies to its trade blacklist, accusing them of supporting Russia’s military and industrial base following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces. The move provoked a harsh reaction from China, which rejected the accusations and suspicions, claiming that it “did not provide any military assistance to the parties involved in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,” and strongly opposed “unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States on our companies.”, according to a note from the Chinese embassy in Washington.

The Chinese embassy memo also made it clear that Beijing would take “necessary measures” to protect the rights of its companies, arguing that the sanctions violate international law. The affected companies, some of which are based in Hong Kong, are Connec Electronic Ltd, World Jetta, Logistics Limited, King Pai Technology Co Ltd and Winninc Electronic. The measure, announced by the Ministry of Commerce, included 31 other entities from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Pakistan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, in the registration made in the appropriate Federal Register. Among the 36 companies in total, 25 have an operating base in China. “This action sends a strong message to entities and individuals around the world that if they try to support Russia, the United States will stop them as well,” Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez said in a statement. The blacklist means that US suppliers to sanctioned companies need a license from the Department of Commerce before they can ship their products. While the US government has claimed that China generally abides by restrictions on Russia, it has promised to monitor the situation closely and strictly enforce the regulations.

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