Eloy Badia, “Conor” nominee.

Eloy Badia, “Conor” nominee.

The Bourbon Restoration is attributed to the use of the word “cuner” (the term paratrooper is also used) to identify candidates for MP without any relation to the constituency to which they belonged. It is very common in state-level parties, especially PSOE and PP.

Fewer cases have occurred in Catalonia. Most notable was the 1984 parliamentary elections when the mayor of Girona, Joaquim Nadal (then PSC), came second in Lleida and the mayor of Lleida, Antoni Ciorana, came second in Girona. Regulations at the time required them to leave the mayor's office if they ran for their district. Recently, we saw how, in the general elections of April 2019, Juntes presented Barcelona's Jaume Alonso Cuevelas as head of the Girona list and the Popular Party of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo for Barcelona. In Generals 23-J, Catalunya en Como placed Madrid's Lilith Verstring in Barcelona's fourth position by forcing a Budem.

In the upcoming Catalan elections, the House of Commons decided that the leader of the list for Girona will be Eloy Badia from Barcelona, ​​a councilor in the Barcelona City Council between 2015 and 2023. The Badia case has a background full of efforts undertaken wherever possible, always in the public sector. Two years ago, there was a lot of controversy when he appeared in the competitions, as Advisor for Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, for the position of civil servant in the Barcelona City Council. He ended up resigning due to the strong controversy that arose. He then tried, due to debts, to obtain the position of director of the water department of Girona, in fact one of the two claims against the appointment of Albert Testart is from him.

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In the last general elections, he was voted as number five for Barcelona, ​​but it seems that he prefers to remain in Catalonia. In the 2021 Catalan elections, En Comú Podem did not gain representation for Girona with historian Rosa Loach at the top of the list. We'll see how things go in the House of Commons to present a 'smarter' candidate, as Eloy Badia always has the rock on his belt to stay in Madrid.

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