SUSI partners plan to acquire 100MW of battery business in the US

SUSI partners plan to acquire 100MW of battery business in the US

It appears that all 10MW projects in South Texas are complete and in the pipeline.

In cooperation with SMT Energy, SUSI Partners has also acquired a project to build rechargeable batteries for 100 MW power systems in South Texas, United States.

The investment strategy consists of ten ready-to-build initiatives, each with a capacity of 10MW.

Grid batteries will relieve pressure on the region’s power grids by trying to balance the structural problems of power generation supply and demand when they begin commercial activity in the first half of 2023.

The construction and operation phase will continue to be managed by SMT Energy, a clean and renewable energy development company.

In addition to purchasing this first distribution of assets, SUSI and SMT Energy partners are now forming a long-term partnership to expand power generation transmission systems across the United States.

Having invested in a very backward stock portfolio in California and through its dedicated Energy Storage Fund in 2019, the fund transfer is SUSI’s second in the US battery storage market. It is also the first electricity storage to be implemented through the pioneering energy production fund SETF.

With this latest deal, the SETF portfolio now includes investments across all sectors, from improving customer service to solar and wind energy solutions, from efficient and reliable energy storage to renewable energy production.

However, it can be very important for the development of this sector. Batteries are expensive and have a long payback period. Developers still benefit from the sale of such projects if they can raise funds to build them in order to raise funds for new projects.

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SUSI has outlined its investment choice not in terms of a return on risk, but as a way to help California achieve its legally binding goal of producing carbon-neutral electricity by 2045.

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