Super Moon Deer: Let’s not miss this year’s Super Moon scene

Super Moon Deer: Let’s not miss this year’s Super Moon scene

If June gives us incredible emotions, then July will not be bypassed: on the 13th the Superluna del cervo will arrive, the largest and brightest of 2022: our satellite will be “only” 357,418 km. Everything is ready for the unmissable show

July with good I love you, said a song. We can’t help but agree, also about the wonderful sky events: On the thirteenth, the sky will appear with a wonderful full moon of deer, which will be even more special because Superluna, the “most wonderful” of the year.

In fact, our satellite will be close to perigee (the closest point to Earth in lunar orbit), at “only” 354,418 km, versus 384,400 km on average. The June Superluna was 357,658 km away, so this upcoming car is “more luxurious”.

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Why Superluna

The astrologer coined the definition of Superluna Richard Knoll In 1979, according to which the full moon or the new moon must arrive at least At 90% of the maximum possible trough point to be defined as such. In other words, a supermoon is a moon whose distance from Earth is 361.885 km (or less), measured by the centers of two celestial bodies. Based on this definition, Deer Moon would be a completed Super Moon.

It is understood that this definition has not been formalized beforeInternational Astronomical Uniona moon close to perigee, the point of lunar orbit closest to us, can really appear larger (even if it really isn’t) and therefore particularly bright.

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When and how do deer admire Superluna

Giant Deer Moon July 13, 2022

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eyes to the sky then the evening of July 13. As UAI explains, our satellite will be at perihelion to be accurate on July 13 at 11:09 (a distance of 357,263 kilometers), while on the same day it will sink at 20:37 (a distance of 357,418 kilometers), so a few hours of actual perigee.

The gaze should be directed towards the horizon between the south and southeast, but in any case, if the sky were as clear as every self-respecting summer night, then it would not be too difficult to spot the beautiful and giant luminous disk in the sky. (On the July 13 sky map around 11:30 p.m.).

Why Luna del Cervo

The name of this full moon comes from American tradition as in July new deer antlers appear. However, it is also known as Full moon of thunderstormswhich tend to be more frequent this season.

The cray Call her instead Moon MotaI Tlingit They refer to him as salmon monThe Anishinaabe they call her berry monThe Algonquians that they Ojibwe talking about raspberry mon.

Whatever its name, the show on July 13 promises to be unforgettable.

source: UAI

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