Sunak will advance the British general election to July 4

Sunak will advance the British general election to July 4

Sunak will advance the British general election to July 4Evie

Electric rain unitEarly elections will be held on July 4th The British press also came forward on Wednesday. This decision is expected to be confirmed by the Prime Minister himself this afternoon. Rishi Sunak, After the meeting he held in Downing Street with his government ministers. With this electoral lead, Sunak We will try to capitalize on the momentum of the economy that is showing slight signs of recovery Recently approved measures in immigration matters, incl A plan to deport asylum seekers in Rwandathough now Polls put him still far away. From the Labor Party.

Speculation about the announcement of the imminent election date has increased since the early morning. In fact, the SNP’s spokesman in the House of Commons, Stephen Flynn, picked it up and put the question directly to Sunak at his weekly scrutiny session. “There is a lot of speculation and I think the public deserves a clear answer to a simple question. Does he intend to call elections in the summer or is he afraid? The Prime Minister merely said that the election call would be held in the second half of the year, avoiding making an announcement.

But no Changes in the agenda of some ministers To attend the Cabinet session this afternoon They predicted an important announcement. Minister of Foreign Affairs, David CameronHe had to return to London after a visit to Albania, while he was Minister of Defence, Grant Shapps, postponed his trip to Lithuania. The instructions were to attend the meeting regardless of the circumstances, which is very unusual and testifies to the magnitude of the situation, even though it was a normal meeting.

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Economic boost

With the election date confirmed for July, Sunak hopes to take advantage of this opportunity batch of the latest inflation data, Which reached 2.3% in April Prove that your economic proposal works. Although last month’s numbers were slightly worse than expected, the Prime Minister was able to meet One of the five big promises he made shortly after taking officeReducing inflation by half and putting it below 5%. In addition to the inflation data, the government is also confident of winning voter support with recent tax cuts – including social security contributions – and with slight economic growth of 0.6% in the first quarter of the year.

Another key would be Launching deportations of asylum seekers in Rwanda scheduled for these dates. Calling early elections is expected to allow the prime minister to prove that the plan can be implemented and will not leave much room for potential setbacks before appointment to the polls. In the event that the first flights take off before the elections This move will be seen as an important victory, despite of The government is still far from fulfilling its promise to reduce illegal immigration. Arrivals into the UK via the English Channel have risen by 36% since the beginning of the year compared to the same period the previous year.

Opinion polls against

Prospects of the Conservative Party winning the upcoming elections They stay away. Latest surveys place Labor is the clear winner with more than 40% of the vote, More than 20 points above the Tories. The Labor leader shifted to the centre, keir starmer, He is Convincing moderate conservatives dissatisfied with the government, While broken promises on immigration cause flight from The most radical voters towards the Reform Party in the UKWhich most opinion polls place as the third force in Parliament with approximately 12% of the vote, that is, two points behind the Liberal Democrats. With less than two months until the election, Sunak has no choice but to wait for a miracle to remain at the helm of government for the next legislative session.

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