Südtirol Bari, Mattino Puglia hits the ball boy. The video is obscene, we apologize. “I was insulted because I was from Naples.”

Südtirol Bari, Mattino Puglia hits the ball boy.  The video is obscene, we apologize.  “I was insulted because I was from Naples.”

The 94th minute for Sudtirol – Bari, the last round match of the Second Division. With the score 1-0 for the home team, and with the visitors going forward to try to equalise, the ball ends up being a sideline error and Puglia defender Emanuele Mattino He rushes to get it back. The ball boy hands it to him and Mattino, after he takes it, A boy hits a little ball in the chestPerhaps he felt like he was wasting his time. A bad gesture that referee Maria Sulli Ferreri Capote did not see, but it was It was filmed by Sky and Dazn cameras and quickly spread across the webFirst and foremost, it angered Bari fans, who were the first to demand disciplinary action for the player.

The community is silent and the player intervenes

The company preferred not to comment Resorting to silence. In an Instagram story, Mattino entered on the morning of Sunday, February 25th. The footballer apologized publicly, but downplayed the significance of the gesture (“A little push”) and teasing out the alleged death threats that allegedly came to him, it is not clear who he was: “I apologize to the party boy for the gesture I made, it was certainly not my intention to use ‘violence’” (a little push) but that was not Except because of the rush in trying to restore the match. But it is no less dangerous to wish for death just because I am from Naples.”

Who is Matino?

balanced, The 25-year-old Napoli player arrived in Bari in the January transfer market last year from Potenza.He reached Serie B for the first time in his career, and before that he also played in Serie C with Juventus Stabia and Cavese, and in 2018 he was bought outright by Parma, however, he did not make his debut with them. He played only three matches with the Red Team last season Between the tournament and the qualifiers, he played nine matches this year, making himself the natural replacement for captain Valerio De Cesare.
The day against Südtirol was certainly not an easy day either for Mattino or for all of Bari's players. The defender, in addition to being the negative hero – along with his other teammates – in the action that led to the decisive penalty kick for the South Tyrol team, at the start of the match, grabbed one Competitors are at neck level after a tackle, and hold him by the shirt for several seconds. Even there, the referee preferred not to take any action against the defender, who therefore showed clear signs of stress already at the start of the match.

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Polfereira Barry, intense tension with the fans

A tension that continued even after the final whistle of the match, when the players went to greet the Bari fans who had arrived in Bolzano (more than 800), and received nothing but boos after another terrible performance of the season. On this occasion, According to what some fans said, some players reacted annoyed to the booing, sending the fans to hell Located in the guest sector Droso. A rebuild that midfielder Ahmed Benali vehemently denied: “In my career I have won and lost countless games, but what I have never done is disrespected my teammates, my competitors and at least the fans I have and will always respect. “Gratitude.”

Phantom voice

Another mystery of the day, then, Some audio recordings circulating on WhatsApp are attributed to commentator Antonio Di Gennaro (Which, in addition to the Bari matches, is also the second voice of the national team matches on Al-Rai TV) in which very strong statements are used against some of the Bari players.The mystery that Di Gennaro himself strongly denied this on social media: “This is completely fake news and I reserve the right to take action in appropriate places to protect my image against anyone who wants to tarnish it. I have already asked my lawyer to move forward.”

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