Musetti-Djokovic, then Sinner and Sonego, live 8th

Musetti-Djokovic, then Sinner and Sonego, live 8th

Monte Carlo – The 16-day round of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo with the blue colors as champions. Lorenzo Musetti He faces the world No. 1 Novak Djokovic After eliminating the last copy in the emirate, we will continue Yannick SiniseR v German Jan Struff And then Lorenzo SonegoWho entered as the “lucky loser” due to Alcaraz's withdrawal will face the Frenchman Ugo Humbert.


Second set Djokovic 3-1 (break)

Tough round of serve for the 30-30 Italian gets 40-30 but then forces too much forehand and goes for the better. Djokovic follows the usual scenario: he attacks the second and takes the point for a break point, and another long exchange with Musetti who tries to get out with the short ball but it ends up in the net. The Serbian comes back to get the advantage on the break

Right after Musetti Sinner-Struff: Where to watch it on TV and streaming

After the match between Musetti and Djokovic will immediately go to the court, again on Ranieri III, Yannick Siner Who will challenge German Struff in the Round of 16 of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo will be broadcast live on TV and also via live stream: Here's where… (All the details)


Second set: Djokovic 2-1 (counter game)

The first difficult moment for Djokovic, who lost 15-40 with Musetti composing a wonderful backhand after a powerful hit from the Serbian to obtain two break points. He served and hit the ball to cancel out the first, but on the second he hit a forehand to put Musetti back in the match: counter!


Second set, Djokovic 2-0 (break!)

Djokovic raises the pace and quality of his game: he recovers the short ball (0-15), twice forces Musetti to surrender in the exchange (15-40) to gain two break points. The first is enough for the world number 1 with a great back pass to 2-0 (A streak of 4 consecutive matches, 7 to 1 in the last 8 matches).


Second set: Djokovic 1-0

An encouraging start to the second set for Musetti, who leads 15-30 on Nole's serve, but makes a pushing error after a long run from the baseline, allowing the Serbian to level the score at 30-30. The second winner (40-30) and the first winner 1-0.

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Primo Djokovic put in 7-5 (66')

As in the tenth game, Musetti led 30-0, but Djokovic overtook him and reached the decisive point (30-40) thanks to pressure on the second serve. Lorenzo no longer finds the first serve and forces the second, committing the double fault that matters First set Djokovic 7-5 After 1 hour and 6 minutes.


Primo set, Djokovic 6-5

Nole finds continuity on his serve, allowing him to take a 30-0 lead and manage the match more calmly (he won at 0), securing him a tiebreak.


The first group is 5-5

Nole smells blood, raises the intensity and aggression from the back of the pitch as he carries a 30-30 shot but is affected by the heat and responds long in a second from Lorenzo. He thanks Musetti for the gift and with a brilliant forehand down the line clips Djokovic's line.


Primo set, Djokovic 5-4

Djokovic takes advantage of Musetti's complicated moment, but in turn, he continues to provide unexpected gifts, such as a double fault at 40-15 and a shot into the net at 40-40! The Serbian gets out of trouble thanks to an excellent second serve winner and then through a serve and volley (serving a kick at 128 km/h) that Musetti cannot control.


First set Musetti 4-4 (rebound games)

The eighth game was a difficult one for Musetti, as he led 40-0 but Djokovic (who in the meantime was jeering from the crowd who booed him as he did in Turin by imitating the conductor's gestures) reacted like a champion: he came back, He took a break and insisted on continuing. Di Lorenzo's backhand forces him to commit a foul that deserves a counter break.


First set Musetti 4-3

There was no drama this time for Djokovic who after 0-15 (due to his own error) scored 3 points in a row to make it 40-15 to close at 30 points to 4-3. Djokovic, who switches the use of the hat when he goes to serve, Musetti, who will go now but serves with new rollers.

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First set Musetti 4-2

Musetti holds serve without problems, this time at 0 with a running pass (applauded by Djokovic) to extend the lead 4-2. Blue received only 3 points in 3 rounds of service.


First set Musetti 3-2

The shots at the end of the previous match elevate Musetti and upset Djokovic, who finds himself 0-30 in his turn of serve. Nole reacts but still gives away too much to Musetti It's 30-40 (break point) After a long forehand from the opponent. Lorenzo hits the first unforced error (a long forehand) and gives Djokovic a break to take the initiative and hold serve to stay on his heels.


First set Musetti 3-1

Djokovic starts the match with a brilliant backhand down the line (0-15) and then wins with a brilliant lead that started with a continuous pass from Musetti for 30-30. Difficult moment and Musetti finds his winning backhand line for 40-30 and then He puts a crazy short ball, with a forehand, and it comes out and jumps (!) Djokovic surprised by holding serve.


First set Musetti 2-1

After a dull opener, Djokovic entered the match holding serve at 0 without giving Musetti a chance to exchange.


First set Musetti 2-0

It's Lorenzo's turn to serve and it's perfect: he immediately goes to 30-0 and then closes at 15 to confirm the break as well as solidity/aggression from the baseline.


First set Musetti 1-0 (break!)

The match starts with the Serbian serve. Musetti looked aggressive right away, first forcing Djokovic to miss his longest rally 30-30 and then making him foul a forehand free kick for the player. Bala break (30-40)! Nole saved a break point but once again Musetti forced him to foul after a long exchange for the second break point. The Serbian serves with the second e He hits a forehand into the net for the blue break!

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Musetti-Djokovic: Draw

Lorenzo Musetti and Novak Djokovic enter Campo Ranieri III to warm up. The Italian wins the toss and decides Answer.


Waiting for Musetti-Djokovic

Soon entering the field Lorenzo Musetti H Novak Djokovic To keep warm.


Ron advances to the round of 16

Holger RonThe world number 6, who qualified for the final of the last edition, continues his match in the second round (which was stopped yesterday) by defeating Indian Sumit Nagal in the third group with a score of 1-1. 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 In two hours and facing Grigor Dimitrov in the round of 16. The Dane is on the Sinner side of the draw with a quarter-final clash possible, last year the two faced each other in the semi-final.


Monte Carlo, Medvedev was eliminated and booed

Daniil Medvedev was eliminated from the Monte Carlo tournament. The Russian lost in straight sets to his compatriot Kachanov in straight sets. There will be no crossover with Jannik Sinner in the semifinals. (Read all…)


Musetti-Djokovic: Where to watch it on TV and live

The match between Musetti and Djokovic, valid for the round of 16 of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo, will be broadcast live on television and also via live broadcast: here where… (All the details)


Sinner-Struff: Where to watch it on TV and streaming

The match between Sinner and Struff valid for the 16th round of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo will be broadcast live on television and also via live broadcast: here where… (All the details)


Sonego Show: Torino wins and shows its heart

Turin train operator who entered from Bad luck In the tournament after losing Carlos Alcaraz He “took revenge” Luca Nardi He defeated Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime to reach the round of 16. At the end of the match, Sonny showed his favorite team Torino's scarf… (All the details)

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