Subsequent payment is at risk, this happens to many and all the money is lost: these are the signs

Subsequent payment is at risk, this happens to many and all the money is lost: these are the signs

Beware Postepay scam with many recent reports from Users: Here’s how it works and how to defend yourself

Several SMS phishing attempts have already been recorded since the beginning of the year, unfortunately the risks associated with the scams are still being tried and require attention, here are the details of the Postepay scam.

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The New Year immediately saw many in attendance reports Internet fraud attempts of different types. Among these, there are also those related to detailing post payment.

Recently, in fact, reports from users about a short messagehe explains here financing, Fraudulent, about the need to reset Postepay password.

We read that many users have fallen for trap, by clicking links It is inside the message and goes to Fill out the relevant form.

There is, too graphics from the internet page that opens, in appearance, It seems perfect from a graphic point of view and thus strengthens the connection that, on the other hand, is actually a scam.

The form in question requests the entry of personal data of the subject and access to home banking services. Thus the unintended victim constitutes a risk to your account balance.

Postepay scam: It is important to know and remember Poste Italiane’s recommendations to defend yourself

the topic scam It always requires great attention and in-depth study: Here to find out how to make March 8th.

Same due to the large number of scam attempts Italian Post It has been warning users for some time, giving instructions to customers to be able to fend for themselves.

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Data request It represents the first strong indication of the fact that we are experiencing an insincere communication.

We recall that Poste Italiane SpA and PostePay SpA, They did not apply in any way, Whether it is email, SMS, social chat, call center operators, post office and fraud prevention, And without any purposeof the following items.

So they don’t ask Credential access to the Post Office portal and applications (Username, password and postal code There is no request for card information (PIN, Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV), e Not even secret codes for authorization of operations (PosteID Token, Account Token, OTP).

At the same time, There is no possibility that Poste will place orders for customers To arrange transactions of any kind for fear of false account or card security issues, “At least by explaining to the user to go to the post office or an ATM”to make them.

The moment a topic will appear as an operator of Poste Italiane SpA, as well as PostePay SpA, by asking what is shown, the user can be sure – we read – that the question relates to a single point. This is it “attempted fraud”.

Therefore, it is still read so that we do not give it to anyone.

Poste Italiane, 4 rules to avoid falling for scams

With that being said, it’s good for him to know, for those who don’t mail Also focused on 4 very important rules to avoid any scams on checking accounts and cards.

First of all, it should always be checked Email reliability before opening it. We need to verify that the sender is really what it claims to be and is not pretending to be anything else. For example, check how the email address is written.

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then, Do not download attachments related to suspicious emails. You must first verify that it is the official sender. the next, Do not click on the content of suspicious emails. if that happens, You don’t have to authenticate On the wrong portal and should close the browser immediately.

Finally, any emails can be phishing scams Report to Poste. the address is [email protected]. Once done, immediately delete the mail and empty the trash.

For more information on how to defend yourself from scams, here is the link on the Poste Italiane website.

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