Striscia tissue? Provocative and always modern »-

Striscia tissue?  Provocative and always modern »-
From Renato Franco

Canale 5 parody news maker: ‘It brings variety to the news’

Does tissue make sense? “The deeper question that everyone should ask is another: Do I have meaning in life? Cork dancers, they are basic and provocative characters stripping news
; They dictate the climate of diversity in a news program like ours, and differentiate it from others.” Antonio Ricci defends his idea born in 1988; It’s been 34 years, and they’re still there (this year Anastasia Ronca and Cosmari Fasanelli): “As long as we’re talking about it they make sense.”

It starts on Tuesday (at 8.35 pm on Canal 5) to avoid the Italy match, while the extraordinary electoral round is blessed by Ricci: “A great fortune from section is to begin on a day like this, with the date of the vote going so well, I gaffeto in that sense; to meWe avoided all the troubles and controversies of the previous days, and they would attack us for any service for the sake of equal opportunity. Instead, the buffet will be very rich.” The conductors are Alessandro Ciani (for four weeks) e Luca Argentero (For a week, Vanessa Incontrada arrived): “section It’s a familiar environment – explains the actor who con document He killed a number of plays -, these are the places I’ve always seen since I was a kid, It’s like going to New York for the first time after seeing it in so many moviesFinally, you feel at home. When I got here, I felt the weight of the television story of this program that has been telling Italy for 34 years. Being a part of it – and I’m only zero million – excites me.”

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Siani ponders sarcastically: “Here there is absolutely no routine, Italy is told in many aspects, the thing that interests me most is the arrival after the elections on Sunday, a decisive moment for Italy, A weekend can change us like it did in England and Hungary… Luca is the host next door, and Veline is the girls next door. I’m between two doors, I feel like a Vespa From door to doorThe motto isThe voice of stubbornness“Because – explains Richie – this is a mission sectionAnd the Be against hypocrisyWe are among those who are not there, we want to place bets, we want to continue to say, paraphrasing Vasco, that there are those who say no.”

As for stubbornness, On the other hand, the controversy over Baglioni’s decision to sue Jerry Scotty for defamation is endless.. flaw
All poets with Claudio
The book, which was available on the streaming site, is a book that shows Baglioni would draw his lyrics from poets and writers such as Bavies and Oscar Wilde. Ricci supposes the most malicious face he can make, and the tone is sarcastic: «It is a shame, that Baglioni—too democratic, and boring—complains that pacioccoso Jerry Scotti; He’s never heard of sadism. I don’t get why he didn’t do that either with Michelle Hunziker who was by Jerry’s side and didn’t break up. Isn’t this external competition in slander? Then Michelle abstains, you will need a cover in the newspapers … But we are calm, we will respond blow after blow, we will move to the Human Rights Court.”

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