Stellantis: factory employees hit in the United States

Stellantis: factory employees hit in the United States

Federation members United Auto Workers Strike on Saturday at the factory in Stilants In the US state of Indiana, citing health and safety issues, including the company’s refusal to repair and replace factory air conditioning and heating systems, as reasons for the strike.

Employees of the Stylantis plant in Kokomo, Indiana, are on strike

Domestic UAW complained about it excellentS “claims he doesn’t have the money to meet his employees’ basic needs” – including providing clean uniforms – while “making record profits and investing billions in a new battery factory across the street”.

leaders UAW Domestic 1166 They have negotiated with the company since 2019. They asked Stellantis to replace the heating and air conditioning system, which the manufacturer was said to have been doing for years, provide a uniform as in other factories, repair the equipment in order to ensure the job internally and manage it overdue. the time.

“We’ve received the same response over and over again that ‘there is no money’ for this stuff,” the local union president wrote in a letter, warning that the local contract would expire at midnight Saturday and staff would start working after that. . their strike. Meanwhile, Stellantis recorded a profit increase of 34% compared to 2021 and 8 billion dollars in profits, He is keen to stress. health and safety of its employees.

Last May, the automobile group that emerged from the merger of FCA and PSA announced the creation of a joint venture 2.5 billion dollars With Samsung to build an electric car battery plant in Kokomo, which will employ 1,400 people. The plant will be reorganized to produce engine blocks for hybrid electric vehicles.

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The Kokomo plant is based in Indiana 1200 people It is the largest die casting plant in the world, according to Stellantis. Aluminum parts are made for components such as transmissions and engine blocks.

Stellantis: strike in Kokomo due to health and safety problems at the plant

The site manufactures parts used in car engines Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram The prolonged strike could affect vehicle assembly lines across North America. Stellantis says production was not scheduled for this weekend and hopes to resume contract negotiations with the local UAW unusual 1166 as soon as possible.

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