“I won a million scratch cards because I am a superstitious person,” testified by one woman

“I won a million scratch cards because I am a superstitious person,” testified by one woman

A woman won a million dollars thanks to scratch cards. What prompted you to try your luck during those hours? his fables. In an interview, he explained that he had received a “signal” that it was time to be bold.

As Niccolò Machiavelli teaches us, in life Luck is as important as virtue. Even Woody Allen, in the first seconds of his 2005 movie Match Point, pointed out an ancient wisdom: “I’d rather be lucky than talented.” Our life is also, above all, governed by chance. Elena Peñaloza, an American woman living in Los Angeles who recently won a million dollars, knows this very well. Certainly not the highest win in history, but still a record It changes a person’s life.

What prompted you to buy a recharge card? Itchy hands. It was her daughter, Ariana, who told the story to the social channels of the California Lottery, the company that allowed women to get a million dollars. “You know that superstition that if your hands are itchy, it means there’s money on the way? My mom heard it a few days ago and wanted to take advantage of it.” As the girl explains, the following week, Mrs. Peñalosa bought a scratch card at a 7-Eleven outlet. On that day, his life changed.

A million thanks to scratch cards (and superstitions)

The ticket works like Italian numbers: there are six winning numbers, and if you find a number by scratching, you win the corresponding amount. On the 16th hole par par, the woman hit number 19, which was among the six winners. Under 19 it was written “1,000,000 dollars.” At first, Elena Peñaloza thinks someone played some kind of prank on her, but when she returns to the store the next day, the clerk confirms that she has just won a million euros. In the interview, her daughter explained how the family intended to spend their meager fortune: “My mother is going to buy a new house.”

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Million dollar scratch card. Source: California Lottery

The winner was born and raised in Mexico but moved to the United States in search of a better life. Also, in the United States, a portion of the top-up card revenue goes to fund public schools. According to her daughter, Elena is glad she contributed to this goal. “She came to America so her children could study and have a future. That’s why she’s happy that Scratch Cards are funding public education.” Superstitious people exist all over the world. According to an old belief, If your right palm starts to itch constantly, then a lot of money is on the way. It could be a surprise win, a pay raise, or a earned credit.

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