STALKER 2 restarts, development resumes after the war in Ukraine halted –

STALKER 2 restarts, development resumes after the war in Ukraine halted –

Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl Resuming its course, the GSC Game World team has confirmed, according to reports from Polish website Gary Online, that The game has resumed After forced termination due to The war in Ukraine.

In fact, we recall that the development team in question is Ukrainian and is based near Kyiv, which clearly affected the business: after delaying with the new release date reported last January, GSC Game World reported that development was halted at the most important stages of the war in Ukraine , to ensure security for developers.

However, at this point, work appears to have resumed, judging by what the team itself reported on their Discord channel: By answering a question about how the team is doing and whether development is ongoing, GSC Game World Reply “Continue”. Additional confirmation of the unblocking of the mode is also precisely the fact that the Discord channel has been reactivated, after a period in which it essentially ceased its activities.

Obviously we do not know whether Exit date From STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl can be respected, and given the situation that is still going on in Ukraine, it is very likely that the game will be postponed again in connection with the previously reported December 8, 2022 date, but some updates in this consideration could arrive through L’Xbox and Bethesda Gallery scheduled for June 12, 2022, given the partnership with Microsoft on the project.

Among the new information, the developers also reported plans to propose several Difficulty levels To adapt STALKER 2 to different types of users: “We will prepare enough difficulty settings so that players can find the right level of challenge for them. There will also be something for the really hardcore experts.”

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As we have seen, the game was recently renamed “Chornobyl” to reflect the Ukrainian spelling.

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