Stellantis, a radical decision for the country: they decided to cancel it

Stellantis, a radical decision for the country: they decided to cancel it

Stellantis has made a really important decision in the last few hours, and the situation seems truly final.

Stellantis is one of the most important and relevant automotive groups in the world, however, if the holding company has made headlines for its successes on the one hand, news about its decisions and strategies has often been at the heart of controversy on the other.

Stellantis, a radical decision ( – ANSA)

Let us reflect on the climate of tension that has recently surrounded relations between the company and our country: discussions about the future of production in Italy, the seizure of the Fiat Topolino in the port of Livorno, and problems related to Italian factories and their facilities. employees.

In short, one issue after another caused Stellantis quite a few headaches. The company recently had to make a truly radical decision, but this time outside of Italy. The group that emerged from the merger between FCA and PSA appears to have no intention of backing down from the issue.

Stellantis, the decision is made: what it’s about

Stellantis has announced the cancellation of the launch of the new Jeep Compass in India. The car that was supposed to be born is the one codenamed J4U, and it seems that it has been in the works for more than a year. But unfortunately, the project was completed even before its time. but why? Apparently it was kept Not financially viable for the Indian marketThis decision could have a major impact on Stellantis’ future in India, a strategic country for the company, even though the company has already confirmed that it does not expect any radical changes in the production of Jeep vehicles in India that are already in the market.

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stellantis radical decision
Jeep Compass ( – Jeep)

Although the new generation Jeep Compass will never see the light of day, the Asian country’s market is still very important for the Italian-French-American brand. Even a company spokesman, according to Alpha Clubwould have announced that Stellantis intends to remain committed to investing in the Indian market, also because India is the only country where four Jeep-branded vehicles are produced and assembled, if we exclude the United States of America.

The current generation Compass has been confirmed until after 2026, with a redesign planned to extend its existence over the next few years. In short, we are talking in all respects about a truly great decision by Stellantis. The current generation Jeep Compass has tremendous value and that gives us hope for the future. Waiting for more news.

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