Stano and Fortunato are a little 5 km away from the end of the 20 km walk – OA Sport

Stano and Fortunato are a little 5 km away from the end of the 20 km walk – OA Sport

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European championship medal

European mediator 2022 (Rome + Monaco)

European Medal in Athletics

9:35 Two 2km runs at the end of this 20km run. 1:03:39 for Martin (Spain), who is 5 seconds ahead of fellow countryman Garcia Rivera, and 7 over Sweden’s Karlstrom. Sixth luck at 36 seconds in the tread-chasing trio, nothing for Stano to do. Apulian is seventh, 48 seconds behind the leaders.

9:33 Perseus Karlstrom also surrenders. The Swede does not keep pace with the savage Spaniards. So two went, Alvaro Martin and Diego Garcia Carrera.

9:31 Martin, Garcia Carrera and Carlstrom did the blank work. Azzurri who can not respond. 5 km from the end of Francesco Fortunato pushes 21 seconds, Massimo Stano 25.

9:28 at a distance of 14 km 3. They are the Spaniards Garcia Carrera and Martin and the Swede Karlstrom. The leading trio has 5 seconds at the Turkish Korkmaz circuit, and 9 seconds for a trio composed of Francesco Fortunato, Massimo Stano and Alberto Amezqua (Spain).

9:25 Unfortunately, both teams lost ground, with Fortunato looking more on the ball than Stano. However, the top guys are saddled with reports, so they will have to be very careful in these final kilometers of the race.

9:23 13 km completed. Stano and Fortunato push 4 seconds off Karlstrom, Garcia Carrera and Martin. A very sensitive stage of the race.

9:22 Perseus Karlstrom attack. The Swede breaks the delay and the group lengthens. Frenchman Kevin Campion comes. The blues start to struggle a bit.

9:21 Position 7.5 km from the end. 8 athletes make up the leading group: they are Karlstrom (SWE), Martin (ESP), Stano (ITA), Campion (FRA), Fortunato (ITA), Garcia Carrera (ESP), Korkmaz (TUR) and Amezcua (ESP).

9:19 Alberto Amezqua is a little rubber band. The Spaniard loses ground a little but he is among the men in command. Changed to 12 km in 48:16 with the speed decelerating slightly (4:02 km last). It seems that Karlstrom, Martin and Stano are the ones who can change their pace at any moment.

9:17 Andrea Cosi The ship did not sink. The young blue is in tenth place, 47 seconds off the leader, accompanied by Ivan Lopez of Iberia.

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9:15 Well, Spaniards, three looks between stomps. Passing 11 km in 44:14 with Stano in first place, ahead of Spain’s Garcia Carrera and Sweden’s Perseus Karlstrom. Francesco Fortunato’s race has always been excellent.

9:13 Massimo Stano is trying to pick up the pace. Apulian puts himself in charge of the squad of 8 athletes who lead this 20km walk.

9:11 Another victim The jury disqualified Callum Wilkinson. The Briton receives the fourth signal and ends his race here. After 10 km, only 8 remained in the leading group, with Stano and Fortunato in the top positions.

9:08 Move to 9km in 36:13 with Perseus Karlstrom in the lead. Briton Wilkinson receives the third report. Chills for the Azzurri, who do get a little carried away, but only to get refueling easier.

9:06 Korkmaz was immediately reabsorbed. The leading group closed by Francesco Fortunato and Massimo Stano was reconfigured.

9:04 The first escape attempt arrived with the advance of Saleh Korkmaz. The Turk is faster and digs a gap of 4 seconds compared to his fellow adventurers. After 8 km, Stano and Fortunato pursue Korkmaz with Amezcua (ESP), Campion (FRA), Garcia Carrera (ESP), Karlstrom (SWE), Martin (ESP) and Wilkinson (GBR).

9:02 Perseus Karlstrom has to be careful, as his not-so-easy run is attracting referee reports. Penalty on Gabriel Bourdier, who thus salutes the leading group.

9:00 Move for 7 km at 28:15 with Sweden’s Karlstrom continuing to push. The three Spaniards did well, and Massimo Stano was keeping a close eye on them.

8:58 Leo Cobb is losing ground, too. So the Germans seem unable to worry better after just over 6 km. Meanwhile, three reports arrived on the Turkish Senodonko, who was already very detached anyway.

8:55 The third lap is complete, 6km. At the top is now 11 with Leo Kopp, who holds the honor of Germany. Turkey’s Salih Korkmaz passes to first and assists Karlstrom in an attempt to establish the pace. Massimo Stano is very attentive, he keeps Francesco Fortunato very well.

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8:54 It was Karlstrom who launched the first attack for 20 km. The Swede is increasing the pace as he tries to increase the pace of the leading group. It is mainly the Germans who pay.

8:52 Pass to the fourth race (5 km) with Spain’s Diego Garcia Carrera at 20:15. Always in front of the Swede Perseus Karlstrom. Stano and Fortunato are in fifth place. The tempo began to increase.

8:49 Andrea Cosi is trying to get back into the lead group. The blue has bitten off something in the last kilometer and is currently 4secs behind.

8:47 Round two completed. The French, with Gabriel Bourdier and Kevin Campion, appear at the helm of the group. Massimo Stano controls the moment without forcing speed.

8:43 14 athletes are in Group One with the compact Spanish trio. Little trouble for Evan Lopez, who risked spraining his ankle. Over 3km in 12:12 with Amezqua, Carlstrom and Wilkinson in the lead. Fourth Massimo Stano, so always 6 seconds off the leading group.

8:39 2 km the athletes walked. 8.09 Passage led by Spaniard Alberto Amezqua. Massimo Stano and Francesco Fortunato stood out in the first group. Andrea Cosi gets out a bit and pushes 6sec.

8:35 The first kilometer passed in 4.03 led by Swede Perseus Karlstrom. The Scandinavian also decided to compete in the 20 kilometer run. Same time for Stano and for Briton Wilkinson. Already dozens of athletes have been dismissed.

The men’s 20 km walking game has begun

8:29 30 athletes at the beginning. Presentations for the men’s 20km rally champions are underway. A few seconds to the start of hostilities.

8:28 A cold morning in Munich. 17 degrees and a very wet track after it rains during the night

8:25 A few minutes before the start of hostilities. We will understand from the first kilometer whether it will be a fast or tactical race. Stano’s main opponents are the fearsome Spaniards. Also pay attention to the hosts, who these days find unexpected resources that their audience pays for.

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8:20 a.m. in Munich we immediately start with a missile for a distance of 20 kilometers that Massimo Stano will search for new high ground. With the Olympic champion there will also be Andrea Cosi and Francesco Fortunato, who are eager to get a prestigious result.

8:15 Good morning and welcome to the live written broadcast of the exciting penultimate day of the 2022 European Athletics Championships.

good morning and Welcome to the written live broadcast of a new and rich day for the 2022 European Athletics Championships. In Munich, expectations are growing for the return of the march. Eyes on 20 km where Massimo Stano aims for complete loot. Andrea Cosi and Francesco Fortunato are also competing for the Olympic gold medal. Valentina Trapletti will try to raise the Italian flag high.

It starts at 8.30 with a 20 km walk for men, followed by a space for women. You’ll only enter the track in the evening, starting at 20.05 with the men’s pole vault final where all attention will be placed on world record holder Armand Duplantis. The show will continue with the women’s 800m final and the perpetual javelin throw of the fairer sex.

The Italian athletes will meet again in the women’s 100 qualifiers, as Elisa Maria di Lazzaro, Luminosa Pogliolo and Nicla Mussetti battled one by one in the three qualifiers. A little later, it will be the men’s 4 x 400 final where Italy will try to amaze after earning a well-deserved qualification. The program will end with the women’s 4 x 400 and women’s 3000 steeplechase finals where there will be no blue.

The penultimate day of the 2022 European Athletics Championships will start at 8.30 with the men’s 20km walk. It will be possible to follow the event live on Rai2 and RaiSport, and in live broadcasts on the RaiPlay platform. OA Sport will, as usual, bring you the live written broadcast of the event starting at 8.20. I listen!

Photo: FIDAL/Colombo

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