Spotted a white model in an ad for Logitech –

Spotted a white model in an ad for Logitech –

Frame with Xbox Series X in white

look at me Advertising “Rule the Game” of the ASTRO A30 wireless headphones from Logitech, some users identified an interesting detail towards the second 00.14: on the shelf of the girl in the center of the scene there Xbox Xbox X From White color. Below you can watch the video:

Since its launch in November 2020, the Xbox Series X has been black only (excluding special editions) and Microsoft has never announced it. alternate colors. So seeing it in white surprised many, who began to speculate that at least one new color could arrive from the console.

In fact, it’s better not to hurry too much, because the person in the movie could simply be a special body designed specifically for advertising. Indeed, when looking at the scenery, it is easy to see the dominant white. The black Xbox Series X probably cracked a lot.

However, it is not excluded that it could be something Microsoft will announce in the coming days or weeks. Perhaps it has to do with the arrival of Christmas, when having more color could be appropriate from a business point of view.

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