Special are the hammocks

Special are the hammocks

Episode 7 of “4 Restaurants” led by Alessandro Borghese to find the best restaurant in a historic residence in “Udine and its surroundings” was broadcast this evening on Sky Uno and broadcast on Now.

Episode 4 restaurants recorded in November in Udine live

Title contention: Restaurant Al Zuc in Pagnacco, Casa della Contadinanza on top of the castle in Udine, Restaurant San Michele in Fagagna and Restaurant Al Paradiso in Pocenia. The special dish chosen is a traditional dish: i cigarsontypical ravioli from Carnea.


The first place for the competition is farm house It is located on the hill where Udine Castle stands in the center of the city. The place is a cross between an inn and a restaurant with the aim of promoting local produce. The site has preserved its 16th-century architectural elements intact. The cjarsons recipe is judged to be very traditional, without any quirks. At the end of the meal, thanks to the judgment of the other restaurants, Casa della Contadinanza had reached 91 points. The outside area of ​​the restaurant and the bill being so low is not appreciated.

the Zouk Restaurant is a family restaurant in Pagnacco, originally run since 1974 by Valentino’s grandfather who is now the owner and manager of the dining room. The menu offers both typical Friulian specialties and grilled meats. The carson has sweet notes with apricot jam and cinnamon in the filling. The opinion of other restaurants gives the restaurant 81 points.

The third restaurant in the competition is restaurant la A restaurant in heaven to Businya. The restaurant is located in a former farmhouse from the end of the 16th century that has been completely renovated. Federica is the owner while the kitchen is entrusted to her mother. The menu is based on traditional dishes and local products, with a bit of creativity. Opinions about kjarson with spirulina algae are divisive. Diners ratings earn the restaurant 104 points.

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Finally, the San Michele Restaurant in Fagagna. Here Giuseppe is the chef and restaurant manager. Originally from Piedmont, the chef has traveled all over Europe also collaborating with several starred restaurants. It presents a cuisine that seeks to combine local traditions with a more modern twist. Great deal of cjarsons. Other restaurateurs give judgments of up to 101 points.

Alexander Borghese

But the games are not over yet. Will Alessandro’s judgments favor or overrule the final result? here for her conclusions: Casa della Contadinanza’s kitchen should have a little more personality, Chef’s score is 36 points. Del Ristorante Al Zuc appreciated young owner Valentino’s courage and commended the decision to hand the grill over to his Argentinian uncle. His judgments lead to a total of 38 points. Della Trattoria al Paradiso positively evaluated Federica’s argumentative and culinary skills. Score 38. Finally, the San Michele Restaurant where Chef Giuseppe’s dishes are an expression of his love for cooking. The dishes that Chef Borghese liked so much that he scored 42 points.

to Win The challenge, then, is the San Michele restaurant in Fagagna with 143 points, followed by Trattoria Al Paradiso with 142 points, third with Casa della Contadinanza with 127 points and Zuc with 119 points.

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