Spalletti: “Immobile? Others are better off. Fear walks alongside us.”

“Immobile, we consider him a very important player, and we always follow him with full attention, as we follow all players. We go to watch matches and training sessions and take many things into account when making call-ups. At the moment it seemed to me that the other three were in better shape even if he scored a goal.” “In the last cup match, I congratulated him.” This was stated by Italian coach Luciano Spalletti, during the training camp in Coverciano, as the national team prepares for the qualifying match scheduled for next Friday against North Macedonia.

Meaning of calls

He added: “I make the call-ups with the aim of getting the best to win matches. I made choices based on the moment that some players are going through at their clubs. When I made the first call-ups, Jorginho had never played, but he always made me feel the desire to be part of this group.” “I spoke to him on the phone and he made me feel his love for these colors and this shirt. Now he plays regularly, he is better when he is here.”

He is afraid

“Let’s go and try to win the first game. Then there may be an evaluation of some players in the two close games. Obviously something will change.” He continued his training at the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano, where the Azzurri began preparing for the next two matches in the qualifying group for the European Championship, against North Macedonia and Ukraine. “Fear? We are on our side, and we walk through it together,” Spalletti added in response to those who asked him whether he feared Macedonia or Ukraine more. Then the coach explained, “Against England I saw many rays of light and did not find myself in complete darkness: Defeats are usually erased, but in that match there were a lot of things that were done well, and in some very good moments, which we must preserve.” “.

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